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Substantial Revisions to Administrative Policy Posted for 30-Day All-Campus Review

April 21, 2022

Substantial revisions to an existing policy in the University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (UAP) are ready for your review and comment. Because the revisions are so significant, a redline version of the policy draft is not available for review. A clean-copy version of the policy and a “preamble” outlining the major revisions are provided for your review.  The proposed policy changes will be available for a 30-day, all campus review and comment period from April 22 through May 22.  

The proposed policy changes are provided below with more detail provided in the linked Preamble. To comment on the policy draft, click on the link to the policy below or email policy@unm.edu.  We hope to hear from you!


Revisions to Existing Policy 


UAP 2215 (“Consensual Relationships and Conflicts of Interest”) 

This policy contains significant updates to allow for best practices, to include:  

  1. A general ban on consensual relationships where one person (Primary) holds a position of power or authority over the other (Secondary). 
  2. A timeframe for reporting a consensual relationship. 
  3. Standard Exemptions. 
  4. Provisions for the creation of a plan to manage any exempted relationship. 
  5. Policy owner is the University President to ensure highest-level applicability. 
  6. New policy title that reflects the current policy revision: “Prohibitions Regarding Consensual Intimate Relationships.” 
  7. This Policy does not apply to conduct that is defined as prohibited discrimination or sexual harassment, which are subject to the University Administrative Policies 2720: Prohibited Discrimination and Equal Opportunity and 2740: Sexual Harassment, Including Sexual Assault.