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President Stokes Approves New and Revised University Administrative Policies

June 22, 2023

President Stokes has approved a new policy in the University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 6140: Video Security Systems, and minor revisions to six existing policies.

In coordination with the approval of new University Administrative Policy and Procedure (UAP) 3245: Remote Work, the following five policies have been updated with minor revisions to accurately address and allow for consistent application to employees who work remotely. The following sentence was added to each of the five policies listed below.

Section 1. General - “For those employees who have arranged to work remotely outside the state of New Mexico, the specific employee leave laws of the state where the employee works may affect application of this policy.”

UAP 3400: (“Annual Leave”)

UAP 3410: (“Sick Leave”)

UAP 3420: (“Leave Without Pay”)

UAP 3440: (“Family and Medical Leave”)

UAP 3415: (“Leave with Pay”)

The following sections of UAP 3415 were also updated as follows-

  • Section 3.2 Time Off for Interviews – language allowing time off for interviews when interviews are conducted at the same campus as the employee, was removed, thus broadening the allowability of time off for interviews. Remote Work capabilities and technological advances have deemed this limitation no longer necessary.
  •  Section 3.5 Voting – language allowing time off for employees who are “registered” to vote to was revised to allow time off for employees who are “eligible” to vote.

UAP 7610: (“Investment Management”)

UAP 7610: Investment Management was updated to align with the recent changes made to Regents’ Policy Manual – Section 7.21: Investment of Operational Funds and Bond Proceeds. The recent changes to regental policy allowed for certain investment categories that were previously prohibited, as well as increase the average maturity of investments.

UAP 6140: (“Video Security Systems”) – NEW

This policy outlines guidelines and expectations regarding the purchase and installation of video security systems (“Video Security Systems”) in public areas to enhance the safety and security of the University community, while preserving reasonable privacy expectations, academic freedoms, and civil liberties of the campus community.  The policy regulates the installation and use of video security systems for law enforcement, safety, and security purposes on campus, which for the purpose of this policy, includes any property owned/leased by and/or controlled by the University.  Only authorized video security systems may be installed on campus. The draft policy establishes video security system allowability, access, and procedures for the request of video records.