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President Stokes Approves Minor Policy Revisions

July 10, 2020

On July 6, 2020, President Stokes approved minor revisions to five existing University Administrative Policies. Descriptions of the policy revisions are provided below.  All of the revisions have been updated on the Policy Office website at

UAP 2500 (“Acceptable Computer Use”)

 UAP 2520 (“Computer Security Controls and Access to Sensitive and Protected Information”)

UAP 3600 (“Eligibility for Employee, Retiree, and Dependent Benefit Plans”)

  • The Division of Human Resources would like to broaden the criteria for enrolling disabled dependents to over the age of 26, effective July 1, 2020.
  • Language has been removed regarding temporary eligibility changes, essentially making them permanent.
  • Numerous clarifications and corrections have been made to conform to our current practices to include the eligibility waiting period being no longer applicable, clarification of eligibility for Non-VEBA related retiree benefits; periods of LWOP being excluded from the 5 consecutive 12-month period, and contributions no longer being based on FTE and solely based on employee salary. 

UAP 3650 (“Flexible Spending Accounts Program”)

  • The Division of Human Resources would like to clarify the effective year for the Flexible Spending Accounts Program to run concurrent with UNM’s fiscal year instead of the calendar year, conforming with current practices.
  • Eligibility requirements have been changed to mirror UAP 3600

 UAP 7610 (“Investment Management”)

  • Specific language has been added to section 2.7.1 pertaining to “Permitted Investments”, and allows for Corporate bonds that fall below the minimum rating to be held for up to six months after downgrade to allow for optimal sale price.


Additionally, Regents’ Policy 3.8: Institutional HIPAA Compliance Program, Exhibit A has been amended to include the Office of Equal Opportunity and the Office of the Title IX Coordinator, when providing services and/or conducting investigations, to the list of outlined healthcare components.