President Stokes has approved interim revisions to two administrative policies. The interim policy changes were submitted under the abbreviated policy revision process since the proposed changes are considered regulatory requirements, and authorized in UAP 1100 (“Development and Approval of University Policies”).

Interim UAP 2720: ("Prohibited Discrimination and Equal Opportunity") and Interim UAP 2740: ("Sexual Harassment Including Sexual Assault"), have been changed on an exigent basis due to requirement of law.  As you may be aware, on May 6, 2020, the Department of Education issued new Title IX regulations to be effective on August 14, 2020. The Office of Equal Opportunity has been working steadily during the period of limited operations to conform its discrimination complaint procedures to the new regulations and to recommend necessary changes to existing University policies to conform them with the new regulations. Immediate implementation of changes to these policies is required by law and they are effective on August 14, 2020 on an interim basis. 

UNM remains committed to its processes and policies of engaging the university community when policies are added or changed, and therefore will open the notice and comment period as the University begins to "Bring Back the Pack" for Fall semester. Additional changes to these policies may result from the notice and comment period, so please check in the coming months.  


Interim policies are linked below. 


Interim UAP 2720 (“Prohibited Discrimination & Equal Opportunity”)
• This policy was updated to include sexual misconduct that is not addressed by Title IX regulations.
Interim UAP 2740 (“Sexual Harassment Including Sexual Assault”)
• This policy was updated to respond to sexual harassment claims covered by the new Title IX regulations.
For more detailed information regarding new Title IX regulations, please see: