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UNM_Policy_Office-L communicates important policy announcements (such as policy approvals, revisions, or campus review-and-comment periods).

UNM Policy Office

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Scholes Hall
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This Manual is published for The University of New Mexico Board of Regents by the University of New Mexico Policy Office. Users should read the preface for critical information on the authority and use of this Manual. A search function is available to search this Manual for specific terms. The Table of Contents lists individual policies.

Purpose and Scope of the Manual

This Manual sets forth policies adopted by the Board of Regents for the governance of the University of New Mexico. The Manual has been prepared as a guide for the Board of Regents in carrying out its constitutional responsibility for the control and management of the University of New Mexico and as a source of information for others concerning the fundamental policies of the University and the operational procedures of the Board. This Manual either sets forth verbatim or makes reference to all current policies of continuing applicability adopted by the Board of Regents. Reference is made to the location of those Regents' Policies too lengthy to be included verbatim in this Manual. The President of the University has adopted separate administrative policies and procedures for implementing Board of Regents' policies. They are contained in several other documents, such as the Faculty Handbook, the University Administrative Policy Manual, and the Pathfinder.

Effect on Existing Policies

This Manual repeals and supersedes the Board of Regents' Policy Manual, last revised in 1985, all appendices to that manual, and all previous Regents' policies on subjects covered in this Manual, except for policies not covered by this Manual, approved by the Regents previously and printed in the Faculty Handbook (see Policy 5.1 in this Manual for policies that remain in effect).

Effective Date

The policies contained in this Manual became effective on the date the Manual is adopted by the Board of Regents. The adoption date of each policy appears at the top of each page. The adoption date of policies added or amended in the future will also appear at the top of the new or revised pages.