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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 5.14: Human Beings as Subjects in Research

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 03-09-2023


This policy applies to all research related to the University whether conducted on or off campus, whether done by faculty or students, and whether or not supported by extramural funds.


Research involving human beings as subjects is authorized at the University, subject to specific limitations and procedures. A human subject is any individual who may be at risk as a consequence of participation as a subject in research, development, demonstration or other activities.

  1. In considering the participation of humans as subjects, the guiding principle is that no one should be exposed to risk to health or well-being without being given all reasonable protection and without being adequately informed.

  2. In general, the purpose of the study, the procedures to be followed, and the possible risks involved must be explained to the subject. The investigator must be satisfied that the explanation has been understood, and consent must be obtained without duress or deception. Such an explanation may be postponed or even omitted where there are no risks to the subject, and a full account of the purposes and procedure in advance might bias the results. 

  3. It is the responsibility of the individual investigator to have adequate knowledge of the possible consequences of their research, or of research done under their direction.

  4. Whenever possible, any hazards to health or well-being of each procedure must first be investigated with animals.

  5. Whenever medication or physical intervention is used, or whenever the subject is exposed to unusual environmental conditions, proper protection and supervision must be provided.

  6. The individual's personal privacy and the confidentiality of information received from them must be protected. 

  7. An individual's time should not be invaded to the extent that the participation creates conflict with other obligations.

  8. Remuneration may be offered for the time involved in a study, provided the remuneration is not so large as to constitute an improper inducement to participate.

  9. Any individual may request termination of their participation at any time and this request will be honored promptly and without prejudice. 

  10. Unless there are reliable indications to the contrary, all University of New Mexico faculty members are presumed to behave responsibly, and all experimental subjects should be willing to contribute to the advancement of knowledge, provided their personal rights are respected.


The Board, in adopting the original Regents' Policy Manual in 1981, incorporated detailed policies and procedures which had previously been approved in 1966. The full text is printed in the Faculty Handbook.

Research involving human beings as subjects is also subject to applicable federal laws and regulations.


Faculty Handbook, [1990 ed.], pages D-1 through D-4.