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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 2.12: Advertising, Sales, and Solicitations on Campus

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 06-12-2012


This policy applies to advertising and solicitation on campus, to indoor and outdoor sales on campus, and to vending. This policy applies to north campus, main campus and south campus.


Sales, solicitation, and advertising are a natural part of modern life, and an integral part of many university activities. Moreover, the University, with its urban campus, is an attractive location for many sales, solicitation and advertising activities, both University-affiliated and independent.

Unregulated advertising, solicitation, and sales can create chaos, disturb the University's educational environment, detract from University activities, and create unwarranted risks for consumers. Moreover, different parts of campus have different needs and concerns in connection with advertising, solicitation, and sales. In addition, unregulated vending mars the beauty and tranquility of the campus and contributes to unnecessary congestion, noise, and trash.

The President is authorized to adopt policies regulating advertising, sales, and solicitations, including machine vending.  The President shall adopt administrative policies and procedures to allow for outdoor vending, but in a controlled manner that protects and preserves the academic environment of the University from unnecessary disturbances; protects and preserves the beauty and tranquility of the University environment; promotes the health and safety of the University community; prevents commercial exploitation of students; and protects and preserves the University's proprietary interests in its property.


UAP 2150 ("Sponsorship by Alcohol Beverage Companies"); UAP 2160 ("Outdoor Vendors"); UAP 3730 ("Solicitation"); "Main Campus Rule for Outdoor Events, Sound, and Posting," UNM Pathfinder.