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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 3250: Employee Orientation

Date Originally Issued: 05-08-1998
Revised: 01-01-2012

Authorized by RPM 6.3 ("Privileges and Benefits")
Process Owner:  Vice President for Human Resources

1. General

The New Employee Orientation program gives new employees information they need to quickly become productive members of the campus community. An employee's first impressions of the University and its operations can have a lasting effect on the employee's attitude and loyalty; therefore, an effective orientation program is the first step in improving employee performance and retention. The New Employee Orientation program is designed to:

  • make a new employee to the University of New Mexico (UNM) and/or a department feel welcome and part of the team;
  • understand the mission, vision, and values of UNM
  • provide specific information about the employee's position;
  • inform the employee about UNM policies and benefits;
  • provide an overall view of University operations; and 
  • encourage a new employee to ask questions about UNM, his or her department, and his or her position.

Both the University Division of Human Resources (HR) and the hiring department are responsible for specific portions of the employee’s orientation. This policy defines responsibilities and describes the process which is designed to ensure consistency throughout the stages of orientation.

2. Employee Orientation

2.1. New Employee Orientation (NEO) 

All regular full-time and part-time staff who are new to the University must attend a New Employee Orientation session offered by the Division of Human Resources. Employees are on paid time, as described in UAP 3300 ("Paid Time"), while attending the orientation, which includes:

  • an overview of UNM's mission, purpose, and structure;
  • a short presentation on UNM's history, accomplishments, and future plans;
  • information on health, safety, and environmental issues;
  • a discussion of selected University policies;
  • information on employment related services;
  • payroll information; and
  • an overview on employee benefits, including health insurance, annual and sick leave, and educational assistance.

2.2. Departmental Orientation 

Supervisors should introduce all new employees, including those who are not new to the University, to their job, department, and coworkers. Departmental new employee orientations are critical, and must be done in a conscientious and consistent manner with all new employees. Orientations provide an important opportunity for supervisors to help new employees feel comfortable with established employees and understand the functions of the department.

The Departmental Orientation Checklist available on the HR Website is a useful checklist to guide supervisors and employees through the six (6) calendar month probation or the thirty (30) working day trial period.  It is also the foundation for the UAP 3215 ("Performance Improvement”). Supervisors should complete a Departmental Orientation Checklist for each regular full-time and part-time employee, and place it in the employee's departmental file. Departmental Orientation Checklist Topic areas:

  • Introductions and Tour
  • University and Department Policies
  • University Property and Equipment
  • Safety and Security
  • Role and Function of New Employee
  • Performance Expectations, Performance Review Process, and Career Development
  • Training and Development