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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 6.4: Employee Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 07-15-2003
Amended: 09-09-2003
Amended: 06-09-2004


This policy applies to all employees (faculty and staff) of the University, to public and student members of University advisory boards and committees, and other volunteers serving in an official capacity. For the purposes of this policy, the term "employee" shall include all of these individuals.


Employees of the University shall maintain the highest standards of business ethics in transactions with the University, with state, federal, and local governments, and with the public. Employees are expected to perform their duties faithfully and efficiently and never give rise to suspicion of improper conflict with interests of the University. Employees shall not accept favors or gratuities from any firm, person, or corporation that is engaged in, or attempting to engage in, business transactions with the University. Subject to specific University administrative policies, employees must avoid any conflict of interest that may affect their independent judgment in the impartial performance of their duties and may not use their positions to enhance their direct or indirect financial interest or use confidential information learned as employees for anyone's private gain. All employees shall comply with state conflict of interest laws as well as University policies. No employee shall have any direct or indirect financial interest in any contract for building or improving or for furnishing of supplies or services to the University except as permitted pursuant to the University Research Park Act or unless such contract complies with the provisions of the New Mexico Governmental Conduct Act and the Procurement Code. University employees as well as individuals and firms proposing business transactions with the University shall disclose in advance and in writing any direct or indirect financial interest employees may have in a transaction with the University. Normally employees with a direct or indirect financial interest in a transaction may not participate in any University decisions related to such transaction, except as specified in applicable University administrative policies. Transactions in which the University President has any financial interest must be approved by the Board of Regents. 

At the beginning of each fiscal year the University President, the Executive Vice Presidents, and all other Vice Presidents must file a Financial Disclosure Document in accordance with UBPPM 3720. Any employee who violates this policy or related administrative policies shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.


The President shall adopt administrative policies and procedures for implementing this policy, which shall incorporate the relevant requirements of state conflict of interest laws and a process for annual disclosure.


NMSA 1978 Governmental Conduct Act, § 10-16-1 et seq.; Procurement Code §§13-1-190, -193, -195; § 21-1-17 , § 21-1-35; Research Park Act, §§ 21-28-25; Regent Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest, RPM 1.8; See, Policy on Outside Employment, RPM 5.5 (faculty); UBPPM Policies 3720.