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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 6.12: University of New Mexico Staff Council

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996


This policy applies to all regular University staff employees employed at least half-time.


The Board of Regents has approved the creation of the University of New Mexico Staff Council. The purpose of the Staff Council is to represent all staff as defined above, and to serve as an important source of input into the issues and decisions of the University as they relate to the general welfare of the staff of the University. The Staff Council shall represent UNM staff to the University administration, and the Staff Council President shall serve as an advisory member of the Board of Regents. The Staff Council shall make recommendations regarding conditions of employment and shall work toward improving wages, hours and conditions of employment for the staff.

UNM staff may participate, as individuals, in the Staff Council notwithstanding their employment in a position subject to a collective bargaining agreement. The Staff Council shall not supersede or replace collective bargaining units officially recognized by the University, nor shall it have any authority with respect to University collective bargaining agreements.


The Board of Regents approved the Constitution of the UNM Staff Council on September 8, 1992. The Constitution provides for 60 members elected from among eligible staff employees. Copies of the Staff Council Constitution, amended as of August 1993, and the Bylaws are maintained by the Department of Human Resources and the University Counsel.


UNM Staff Council Constitution and Bylaws, Staff Council UBPPM Policy 1150