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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2230: Police and Security Services

Date Originally Issued: 03-15-2007

Authorized by RPM 8.2 ("Law Enforcement on Campus")

1. General

The University of New Mexico is committed to the protection of people and property and the preservation of human rights. The UNM Police Department is responsible for providing police and security services to achieve this objective and places emphasis on proactive measures which include maintaining adequate security on campus and at University-sponsored or sanctioned special events. All non-UNM and non-UNM Hospital employee security services must be contracted through the UNM Police Department; procurement of security services through other means is prohibited. Security services include but are not limited to security for university-sponsored or sanctioned special events, guard posts, patrols, escorts, and facility checks. This policy applies to all property leased or under the control of the University, with the exception of branch campuses.  Any security to be provided by outside vendors must be approved by the Chief of Police.

2. Need for Security Services

2.1. Special Events and Rental of Facilities to External Users

A special event is any non-routine, non-academic event that may require security due to the large number of attendees, public role of guests, controversial nature of speakers or subjects, or involvement of dignitaries.  Any department, group, or organization hosting a special event or renting a facility to external users must complete a Special Event Notification form and submit it to the UNM Police Department ten (10) business days before any scheduled event or rental.  For the purposes of this policy business days are defined as Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  A notification is not required when facilities are used for educational programs, board meetings, or school-sponsored events.

This notification must be completed even if the department, group, or organization does not anticipate a need for security. The notification form is available on the UNM Police website and requires:

  • the date, time, and location of the event or facility usage;
  • a detailed description of the event or facility usage including names of speakers and entertainment;
  • expected attendance and composition (students, employees, public, special interest groups, etc.);
  • type of facility used;
  • type of event or facility usage (concert, symposium, etc.);
  • admittance criteria (open to the public, by invitation only, ticket holders, etc.);
  • alcohol availability;
  • any special security requirements (e.g. cash collections); and
  • Banner index number.

If you have questions concerning the notification or are missing required elements of the notification form, contact the Police Department for assistance.

2.2. Ongoing Need for Security Services

Due to the nature of their activities some departments require security services on a regular, ongoing basis (such as guard posts and patrols). The UNM Police Department will work with departments to identify the security structure that best meets their needs.

2.3. Programmatic Needs

On occasion a department may engage in a unique program that due to the population served, subject matter discussed, or materials used may result in special security needs. In these situations it is important that departments consult with the UNM Police Department as soon as possible before the start of the program to discuss any security concerns. The UNM Police Department has expertise with these issues and has access to security information which will assist in an informed assessment of security needs.

3. Security

After an analysis of the event, program, or facility rental based on currently available information the UNM Police Department will determine the number of police officers, security officers, or combination of officers required to reasonably address the safety and security of participants, and the UNM Police Department will contract for such services. In extraordinary circumstances if the security risk to the University is too high, the Chief of Police is authorized to cancel the event, program, or facility rental.

The event, program, or facility rental sponsor is responsible for security costs based on the number of police and/or security officers required and the length of eventprogram, or rental. The UNM Police Department will provide a cost estimate, but actual fees will be determined after the event, program, or rental based on actual circumstances. In exceptional situations, the Chief of Police is authorized to waive a portion of the security fees if it is determined the event, program, or rental is in the public's best interest. University departments will be invoiced internally for security fees. Non-University sponsors may be required to pay a deposit based on the estimated security costs, and will be billed for the difference based on actual costs incurred. If an event is canceled, the sponsor must notify the UNM Police Department no later than two (2) business days prior to the scheduled date of the event, program, or rental. Inadequate notice, including cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances (inclement weather, speaker cancellation, equipment failures, etc.), will result in the sponsor being charged for any security costs incurred.