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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2230: Police and Security Services

Date Originally Issued: 03-15-2007
Revised: 05-10-2017

Authorized by RPM 8.2 ("Law Enforcement on Campus")

Process Owner: Chief, UNM Police Department

1. General

The University of New Mexico is committed to the protection of people and property and the preservation of human rights. The UNM Police Department is responsible for providing police and security services to achieve this objective and places emphasis on proactive measures that include maintaining adequate security on campus and at special events taking place at the University’s Albuquerque campus.. Security services include, but are not limited to, security for University-sponsored or sanctioned special events, guard posts, patrols, escorts, and facility checks. Any security to be provided by outside vendors must be approved by the Chief of Police and contracted through the UNM Police Department. This policy applies to all property leased or under the control of the University, with the exception of branch campuses. 

2. Need for Security Services

2.1. Special Events and Rental of Facilities to External Users

For the purposes of this policy, a “special event” is any non-routine event held in a University building or on University property.  Specials events may require security; the University will  evaluate the following factors to determine required security services for a special event:

  • an accurate estimate of the number of attendees at the event
  • the venue’s size and location
  • the number of entrances and exits, within the venue, and access to restrooms and other facilities near the venue
  • whether the event will be open to the public
  • whether there will be a ticketing process and what type
  • length of time scheduled for the event
  • whether the event will occur during daylight or evening hours
  • whether a fee will be charged for entry, goods, or services
  • whether alcohol will be served at the event

A schedule of charges based on the factors above will be updated regularly and posted on the UNM Police Department website. The basic cost of security according to this schedule will be charged to all groups; additional security services may be requested by the special event sponsor for an additional cost.

Any department, group, organization, or person hosting a special event must complete a Special Event Notification Form on the UNM Police Department website ten (10) business days before any scheduled event or rental.  For the purposes of this policy, “business days” are defined as Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  A notification is not required when facilities are used for educational programs, Board of Regents meetings, or other routine University-sponsored events. This notification form must be completed even if the department, group, or organization does not anticipate a need for security. If you have questions concerning the notification or are missing required elements of the notification form, contact the UNM Police Department for assistance.

2.2. Ongoing or Programmatic Needs for Security Services

Due to the nature of their activities, some departments require security services on a regular, ongoing basis (such as guard posts and patrols). The UNM Police Department will work with departments to identify the security structure that best meets their needs.

On occasion a department may engage in a unique program that may result in special security needs. In these situations, it is important that departments consult with the UNM Police Department as soon as possible before the start of the program to discuss any security concerns.

3. Payment for Security Services

Based upon the factors and schedule of charges noted in Section 2.1, the UNM Police Department will collaborate with the UNM Special Events Committee (see Section 4) and special event sponsor with regard to the number of police officers, security officers, or combination of officers required to reasonably address the safety and security of participants at the special event.  The University will contract for the prescribed security services.

The special event sponsor is responsible for basic security costs noted in Section 2.1 above. University departments will be invoiced internally for security fees. Non-University sponsors may be required to pay a deposit based on the estimated security costs.

Chartered student organizations may apply to student government for funding to cover the costs associated with special events.

4. Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee consists of representatives from major areas of the University working with special events. The committee meets regularly to review and approve special events on campus. The committee is also charged with developing and regularly updating the schedule of charges noted in Section 2.1 and informing the University President when the University is likely to be responsible for additional security expenses.

5. Cancellations

In extraordinary circumstances if the security risk to the University is too high, the Chief of Police, in consultation with the Executive Vice President for Administration, is authorized to cancel the special event, program, or facility rental. A cancellation may be appealed to the University President.

If an event is canceled by a party other than the University, the sponsor must notify the UNM Police Department no later than two (2) business days prior to the scheduled date of the event, program, or rental. Inadequate notice, including cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances (such as inclement weather, speaker cancellation, equipment failures), will result in the sponsor being charged for any security costs incurred.

6. References

UAP 2140 (“Use and Possession of Alcohol on University Property”)

UAP 2220 (“Freedom of Expression and Dissent")

UNM Student Activities Center: Event Planning Guide

Special Event Notification Form