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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 3740: Media Response

Date Originally Issued: 07-30-1982
Revised: 11-01-1991, 08-14-2018

Authorized by RPM 3.1 ("Responsibilities of the President")

Process Owner: Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

1. General

It is the responsibility of the University Communication and Marketing Department to see that newsworthy activities of University employees are brought to public attention in the appropriate communications media. Employees are encouraged to talk with the University Communication and Marketing Department about such newsworthy activities.

2. Contacts from the Media

Although the various media are accustomed to receiving University news directly from the University Communication and Marketing Department, media representatives will occasionally consult an employee directly.  In such cases, it is expected that the employee answer questions and state views as deemed fit, consistent with the knowledge and honest appraisal of the matter at hand. Employees should inform the University Communication and Marketing Department of any contacts made by the media.

Employees should remember that the public may judge their profession and the University by what is said to media representatives. Employees should at all times be accurate, exercise appropriate restraint, show respect for the opinion of others, and make every effort to indicate that they are not an institutional spokesperson, unless otherwise instructed by the University administration.