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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 2.1: Free Expression and Advocacy

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996


This policy applies to all members of the University community: Regents, faculty, students, staff, and visitors.


Freedom of academic inquiry and freedom of expression are indispensable elements of a university. The freedom to express dissent by lawful means, including peaceable assembly and the right of petition, is as important on a university campus as elsewhere in our society. The Regents have protected and defended and will continue to protect and defend the academic freedom of all members of the University community. The exercise of the freedom to dissent, however, must be balanced with the rights of others, respect for others, the educational process, and other legitimate University activities and interests.

The Regents recognize and approve the right of free speech and honest expression of opinion on any subject by any member of the University community, subject only to reasonable viewpoint-neutral rules. Those who speak or act shall not do so in the name of the University or any of its organizations unless there has been specific authorization to do so. The President of the University, as its Chief Executive Officer, is authorized by the Board of Regents to be the primary spokesperson for the University. The President of the Board of Regents is authorized to speak officially on behalf of the Board.


The President of the University shall develop viewpoint-neutral administrative policies and procedures for free expression and advocacy on University grounds.


United States Constitution, First Amendment; New Mexico Const., art. II, § 17; see, Policy on Mall Use/Time, Place, and Manner of Public Expression; Mall Amplification Policy; Policy on Demonstrations and Assemblies; published annually in the Pathfinder.