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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2150: Sponsorship by Alcohol Beverage Companies

Date Originally Issued: 03-21-1997
Revised: 06-01-2012

Process Owner: University President

1. General

This policy governs sponsorship and advertising by businesses that provide, sell, market, or distribute alcoholic beverages on University property or at University events. Advertising is any advertisement, signage, label, logo, packaging, imprint, sales promotion activity or device, public relations material or event, merchandising, or other activity or communication that has the obvious intent of promoting or marketing a non-University product, service, event, or organization. Businesses that provide, sell, market, or distribute alcoholic beverages are permitted to sponsor or co-sponsor a University event, subject to the provisions of this policy and provided that the primary audience is of legal drinking age. Sponsorship means that a University department or unit is actively involved in the event itself.

The University of New Mexico recognizes that alcoholic beverages are legal commodities that may be used responsibly by persons of legal drinking age. The University also recognizes that alcohol use may lead to significant individual and societal harm.  This policy is intended to reduce the potential for alcohol-related harm while allowing for the legal, safe, and responsible use of alcohol. The University has the right to refuse any advertising, marketing, or sponsorship.  Any allowed advertising, marketing, or sponsorship shall not adversely affect the University’s reputation. 

2. Provisions

Alcohol beverage marketing programs:

  • shall not contain indecent or profane material or demeaning, sexual, or discriminatory portrayal of people;
  • shall support campus alcohol education programs that encourage informed and responsible decisions about the use or nonuse of alcohol;
  • shall not encourage any form of alcohol abuse or emphasize amount and frequency of use;
  • shall not violate the principles of the University's Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Policy;
  • shall not portray drinking as a solution to problems or an aid to social, sexual, or academic success;
  • shall not provide alcoholic beverages as awards or prizes;
  • shall not encourage alcohol use or imply that alcohol use improves tasks that require skilled reactions such as sports, driving, or operating machines; and
  • shall not imply the University’s endorsement.

3. Advertising and Promotions

Informational marketing programs shall have educational value and encourage the responsible and legal use of the products represented. At a minimum, a statement such as "This company supports the legal and responsible use of this product" must appear in all advertisements.  Refer to UAP 1010 ("University Graphic Identification Standards”) for additional standards.

4. Authorization

The cognizant dean or director must approve sponsorship and promotional activities for the event or program. The Student Activities Center must approve the display or distribution of promotional materials by chartered student organizations. Alcohol sponsorship, advertising, and marketing related to UNM athletic events or facilities must be reviewed by the Deputy Athletics Director for External Operations or by the Director of Athletics. Questionable issues must be reviewed by the Athletic Council Committee, which is a committee of the Faculty Senate.  The Campus Office of Substance Abuse Prevention (COSAP) must approve the display or distribution of promotional materials by other University departments.

5. Publications

Student publications and publishers of non-promotional materials distributed on campus are strongly encouraged to follow the above provisions.