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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 3420: Leave Without Pay

Date Originally Issued: 10-01-1983
Revised: 11-01-1991, 01-01-2008

Authorized by RPM 6.3 ("Privileges and Benefits")

Process Owner: Vice President for Human Resources

1. General

In certain circumstances, a leave of absence without pay may be granted to or imposed upon employees. These circumstances and the length of leave are discussed in this policy.

2. Eligible Employees

This policy applies to all regular full-time or part-time employees.

3. Definition of Immediate Family Member

Immediate family for the purposes of this policy include the employee's spouse or domestic partner, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and siblings.

4. Length of Leave and Required Approval

The maximum duration of both the initial request and an extension, if any and required approvals,  in addition to the required approvals, are outlined in the table below.

Reason Maximum Initial Period Maximum Extension - Not to Exceed: Initial Approval Level Extension Approval Level
Extended personal illness or disability extending beyond sick leave accrual 6 Months 6 Months Department Head Dean or Director
Personal  1 Months 3 Months Department Head Dean or Director
Sickness in employee's family 3 Months 3 Months Department Head Dean or Director
School attendance 12 Months 12 Months Department Head Dean or Director
Suspension for disciplinary reasons 1 Month 1 Month Supervisor or Department Head* Dean or Director**

* Refer to Section 5. herein.

** For extremely serious infractions involving the health or safety of individuals or if in the overriding interest of the University, the time limit may be extended with the approval of the appropriate vice president. Refer to UAP 3215 ("Performance Improvement") for more information.

5. Requesting Leave Without Pay

When a leave of absence is at the employee's request, the employee should submit the request to his or her supervisor.

6. Designating Leave Without Pay

The immediate supervisor may designate leave without pay for unexcused absences. In cases of suspension for disciplinary reason, refer to UAP 3215 ("Performance Improvement").

7. Insurance Benefits

The employee may continue his or her insurance coverage while on leave without pay. The employee will be billed at the address on the HR Banner System for his or her portion of the benefit premiums. The University will continue its contribution toward premiums.

8. Reinstatement

An employee must request reinstatement in writing prior to the expiration of the leave period.

8.1. Where practical, the University attempts to fill an employee's position with a temporary employee during a leave of absence, but reserves the right to eliminate the position or fill it with a regular employee.

8.2. When the employee requests reinstatement prior to the end of the leave and the position has been filled or is otherwise no longer available, the employee will be separated from the University.  Such separation will be treated as a resignation. Refer to UAP 3225 ("Separation of Employment").

8.3. Failure to request reinstatement in writing prior to the expiration of the leave will result in separation of employment. Such a separation is treated as a resignation.

8.4. An employee returning from a leave of absence without pay due to an extended illness or injury is required to submit a doctor's statement certifying that the employee is able to return to work.

9. Record Keeping

Departments must maintain documentation for each employee on leave without pay for four (4) years.