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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 1200: Presidential Award of Distinction

Date Originally Issued: 08-21-2013

Process Owner: University President


Established in 2013 by President Robert G. Frank, the Presidential Award of Distinction is one of the University’s most prestigious awards and bestowed at the sole discretion of the University President.  


The Presidential Award of Distinction is given to distinguished persons in recognition of outstanding career achievement, scholarly excellence, leadership in the professions, noteworthy public service, humanitarian endeavors, and to honor other activities that the University President determines are worthy of the award. 


Students, faculty, and staff of the University and community members are eligible to receive the Presidential Award of Distinction, and it may be awarded posthumously.

Selection Process

Typically, nominations for the Presidential Award of Distinction are called for beginning in the early fall.  The University President may elect to solicit nominations at other times or select the recipient of the award without asking for nominations.   

At the University President’s discretion, a representative committee of University and community members may be appointed to an Ad Hoc Committee on Awards.  Once constituted, the Ad Hoc Committee reviews the nominations for the Presidential Award of Distinction and provides the University President with a list of recommended recipients of the award.  Ultimate authority for selecting the recipients of the Presidential Award of Distinction rests with the University President, who reserves the right to review all nominations for the award and is not limited to selecting from the Ad Hoc Committee’s recommendations.

Presentation of Award

The University President presents the Presidential Award of Distinction to award recipients at one of the University’s formal academic ceremonies.