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UNM_Policy_Office-L communicates important policy announcements (such as policy approvals, revisions, or campus review-and-comment periods).

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Regents' Policy Manual - Maintenance of the Regents' Policy Manual

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996


This policy applies to all policies adopted by the Board of Regents.


Any Regents' policy, including the policies contained in this Regents' Policy Manual, may be modified by a majority vote of the Board of Regents at any of its meetings. It is the intention of the Regents that proposed new policies and proposed revisions to existing policies will receive adequate publicity and discussion prior to their adoption.

Periodically, the Board shall review all policies in the Regents' Policy Manual, and all policies adopted or revised since the previous review, and make any changes it deems appropriate.


Members of the University community may propose new or revised Regents' policies by submitting them, in the format used in this Manual, to the President of the University. The President will submit proposed policies, together with any appropriate background information and administrative recommendations, to the Board for consideration. Proposed policies must be approved by the Regents before they may be put into effect. All new or revised policies adopted by the Regents shall be promptly published as additional or replacement pages of this Regents' Policy Manual.