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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 5.17: Conflict of Interest Waiver Policy for Technology Transfer

Adopted Date: 10-12-1999


This policy applies to the Regents and to all employees (faculty and staff) of the University.


The President or a designee may grant permission for an officer or employee of the University to establish and maintain a substantial interest in a private entity which contracts with the University for the purpose of providing goods and/or services to the University, or receiving goods and/or services from the University, in order to facilitate the transfer of technology developed by the officer or employee from the University to commercial and industrial enterprises for economic development, based upon the following criteria:

-- The proposed undertaking will benefit the economy of the State of New Mexico.

-- The proposed undertaking will not adversely affect research, public service or instructional activities at the University.

-- The officer's or employee's interest in the private entity or benefit from the interest, will not adversely affect any substantial interest of the State of New Mexico.

The President's determination shall be made in consultation with the UNM Conflict of Interest Committee, as established pursuant to Regents' Policy 5.10 (Conflicts of Interest in Research).


The Board approved a detailed policy on October 12, 1999. This policy is published on the Office of Research Services web page.


Research Park Act, § 21-28-25 NMSA 1978; Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research, RPM 5.10; Employee and Regent Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest, RPM 6.4.Applicability