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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2040: Identity Theft Prevention Program

Date Originally Issued: 11-01-2009

Authorized by RPM 3.1 ("Responsibilities of the President")
Process Owner: University Controller and HSC Senior Executive Officer for Finance and Administration

1. General

The University's Identity Theft Prevention Program is designed to detect, prevent, and/or mitigate identity theft in connection with the opening and maintenance of student and employee covered accounts.  Covered accounts are accounts that involve or are designed to permit multiple payments or transactions including accounts with health care providers.  Examples include, but are not limited to, LOBOCA$H accounts, student financial aid accounts, Bookstore accounts, and patient accounts.  The Identity Theft Prevention Program defines processes and procedures to guide employees in departments involved with covered accounts in identifying and responding to patterns, practices, or specific activities (Red Flags) that indicate the possible existence of identity theft.  Red Flags generally fall within one of the following four categories: suspicious documents, suspicious personal identifying information, suspicious or unusual use of accounts, and/or alerts from others (e.g. customer, identity theft victim, or law enforcement).  Examples of Red Flags include, but are not limited to, documents that appear to be forged or altered, conflicting demographic information, mail returned as "undeliverable" although transactions continue on the account, or a notice or inquiry from a fraud investigator. 

This policy applies to the entire University, including branches.  It outlines employee responsibilities, processes, and required training pertaining to UNM's Identity Theft Prevention Program and ensures compliance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act of 2003 and the accompanying requirement (section 114) to develop and implement a written Identity Theft Prevention Program (16 CFR Part 681, aka "Red Flags Regulation "or "Red Flags Rule").

2.  Program Responsibility

2.1. Vice President for HSC/UNM Finance and University Controller

The Vice President for HSC/UNM Finance and University Controller is responsible for:

  • implementing the Identity Theft Prevention Program,
  • conducting periodic reviews of compliance with the Program,
  • ensuring compliance with the Program's training requirements, and
  • approving material changes to the Program as necessary to address changing identity theft risks.   

2.2.  Departments

Deans, directors, and departments heads of areas that work with covered accounts are responsible for implementing departmental processes for complying with this policy and ensuring that employees responsible for compliance attend required training.  Employees in these departments are responsible for:

  • complying with the Program,
  • identifying relevant Red Flags appropriate for their operations,
  • implementing policies and procedures to detect the Red Flags,
  • responding appropriately to prevent and mitigate identity theft,
  • attending Red Flag training, and
  • reporting all incidents of identity theft as well as any suspicious behavior that may be related to identity theft to the Office of the Vice President for HSC/UNM Finance and University Controller.

2.3. Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Chief Information Officer and the Director of Information Assurance shall provide technical support to departments and the Vice President for HSC/UNM Finance and University Controller.

3.  Preventing and Mitigating Identity Theft

3.1. Required Training

Employees involved in student registration, financial aid, student billing and collections, Bookstore sales, Lobo Card, LOBOCA$H, and any other area involved with covered accounts must attend training on recognizing and responding to potential identity theft indicators (Red Flags).  Every individual currently performing the aforementioned duties must complete this training within ninety (90) days of the effective date of this policy.  All individuals newly performing such duties must complete this training within their first thirty (30) days of starting to perform these duties.

3.2. Identity Verification

To facilitate detection of standard Red Flags, staff will at a minimum take the following steps to obtain and verify the identity of the person.

3.2.1. New Students/Accounts

  • Whenever possible, require identifying information (e.g. full name, date of birth, address, and government issued ID, insurance card, etc.).
  • When available, verify information with additional identifying documentation such as a credit card, utility bill, medical insurance card, etc.

3.2.3. Existing Accounts

  • Verify validity of request for changes of billing address.
  • Verify identification of customers before giving out personal information.

3.3. Preventing and Mitigating Identity Theft

In addition, employees in departments working with covered accounts are required to follow the appropriate steps identified in "ID Theft Flags Mitigation & Resolution Procedures" published by the Office of the Vice President for HSC/UNM Finance and University Controller.

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