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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 6.7: Disclosure of Information About Candidates for Employment

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 10-13-1998
Amended: 05-28-2008


This policy applies to candidates for employment by the University.  This policy does not apply to information relating to current or former employees of the University, or to searches for President of the University.


The term "candidate" includes any applicant or nominee for a position at the University, except applicants for the position of President of the University.


The identity, the job application, and the resume or curriculum vitae of a candidate are public records and are subject to public inspection in accordance with the provisions of the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act ("IPRA").  Certain matters that may pertain to a candidate are exempt under IPRA from public disclosure or public inspection.  Exemptions from the right of public inspection, which the University will generally interpret narrowly, include letters of reference concerning employment and letters or memorandums that are matters of opinion in personnel files.  The University will also treat candidates' social security numbers as exempt from public disclosure.


The President, with approval of the Board of Regents, shall adopt administrative policies and procedures to implement this policy.


Inspection of Public Records Act, NMSA 1978 § 14-2-1; et seq.: "Appointment of the President of the University," RPM 1.4; "Public Access to University Records," RPM 2.17;  "Inspection of Public Records,"UBPPM Policy 2300; "Recruitment and Hiring," UBPPM Policy 3210 Section 3.; "Personnel Information Disclosure," UBPPM Policy 3710.