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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 7.4: Purchasing

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 04-08-2014
Amended: 10-19-2021
Amended: 03-08-2023


This policy applies to the purchase of supplies, materials, equipment, and contractual services. It also applies to the reimbursement of employees for expenses incurred in the performance of University business.


The University of New Mexico is committed to operating in the most economical and efficient manner possible. The University shall follow the State Procurement Code unless the Board of Regents expressly determines that an alternative procedure is required in a specific area in order to carry out the University's mission. The Board has made no such determination as of the effective date of this policy. All funds received by the University, regardless of their source, are considered to be University funds and all purchases shall be made in accordance with University policies and procedures.

Except as otherwise provided in this manual with regard to real estate matters (RPM 7.9) and construction projects (RPM 7.12), the University President shall notify the Chair of the Board of Regents prior to authorizing the execution of contracts for the purchase of goods or services in excess of $5,000,000 per year. A report of purchases in excess of $5,000,000 will be presented for information at the next regular Board of Regents meeting. 


The President shall establish specific procurement policies that assure the procurement of goods and services of acceptable quality at the lowest possible cost. The President shall also establish policies and procedures for the reimbursement of employees for appropriate expense incurred in the performance of University business, such as travel, recruitment and hiring of new employees, hospitality of guests of the University, and business expenses. All such policies and procedures shall ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws regarding the procurement and management of goods and services. The President may also establish policies to assure minimum performance standards and compatibility with other University investments in facilities and equipment.

Delegation of Authority

UNM's Chief Procurement Officer shall be its Central Purchasing Officer, under the general direction of the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration. The Chief Procurement Officer shall have the sole authority to establish the institutional procedures for obligating the University for the procurement of supplies, materials, equipment and contractual services.

The purchase of goods and services for clinical components of the Health Sciences Center may be performed by the University of New Mexico Hospital Purchasing Department, as a separate satellite purchasing office of the University, in compliance with University procurement policies and procedures and under the direction of the Chief Procurement Officer.


The University of New Mexico is exempt from the requirement that all purchasing for state agencies be performed by the State Purchasing Agent. NMSA 1978, § 13-1-98.