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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 5.11: Classified Research

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996


This policy applies to the conduct of research at UNM.


It is recognized that, in certain areas of research, the association of faculty members with off-campus facilities has provided access to expensive and sophisticated types of equipment not available at the University and has consequently contributed toward the training and development of students. However, in order to preserve as open a University society as possible, faculty members should attempt to obtain support for unclassified research.

In preservation of academic freedom, the right of every faculty member to solicit, conduct or participate in privately and governmentally sponsored research of his/her choice is recognized, whether such research is classified or not, so long as it is within the limits of existing University of New Mexico policies. Sponsored research at the University of New Mexico is justified only when it contributes toward the professional development of the faculty and also provides opportunities for the development of students. Classified research is no exception to the validity of these two criteria.


The Board, in adopting the original Regents' Policy Manual in 1981, incorporated policies and procedures adopted by the faculty in 1973 governing classified research, including restrictions on the use of classified data by students for course credit, theses or dissertations. The full text is printed in the Faculty Handbook.


Faculty Handbook [1990 ed.], page D-1.