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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2260: Non-Motorized and Small Motorized Vehicles

Date Originally Issued: 01-24-2000
Revised: 05-10-2017

Authorized by RPM 8.3 ("Parking and Vehicles on Campus")

Process Owners: Chief, UNM Police Department and Director, Parking and Transportation Services

1. General

The University recognizes the value of non-motorized and small motorized vehicles (collectively referred to as “vehicles” in this policy) as environmentally-friendly forms of transportation. Although the University encourages the use of vehicles for commuting to campus and for cautious transportation on campus, inappropriate use can cause injuries to persons and damage to property. Individuals using vehicles on campus must at all times yield to pedestrians, use due caution, and exercise concern for the safety of self and others.

Users of vehicles on University property must comply with all aspects of this policy seven (7) days per week, twenty-four (24) hours per day. Users include students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Persons believed to be in violation of this policy must produce identification upon request. The University President may ban specified types of vehicles from all University property or from particular areas on campus, on either a permanent or temporary basis.

Mobility devices used by mobility-impaired individuals are excluded from this policy. Vehicles intended for roadway use must comply with UAP 7780 (“Use of University Vehicles on Campus”) and UNM Parking Regulations.

2. Types of Vehicles

2.1. Non-motorized vehicles

For the purposes of this policy, non-motorized vehicles include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Bicycles, unicycles, tricycles, and similar vehicles regardless of the number of wheels
  • Skates, including in-line skates, rollerblades, and roller skates
  • Skateboards or other wheeled boards of any size or type including scooters

2.2. Small Motorized Vehicles

For the purposes of this policy, small motorized vehicles include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized scooters
  • Golf carts and ATVs
  • Motorized bicycles and skateboards

2.3. Ban on Hoverboards

Due to widespread safety concerns over electronic skateboards or self-balancing scooters informally known as “hoverboards,” hoverboards are banned on campus. 

3. Safety

Users are responsible for being in control at all times of their vehicles so as not to endanger the safety of themselves or others. In all situations, pedestrians have the right of way and users of vehicles must yield to pedestrians. The speed of vehicles shall be limited to a prudent rate that will avoid collisions. Users must keep a reasonable distance, generally 15 feet, from buildings to ensure the use of vehicles does not disrupt University classes or business, interfere with pedestrian traffic, or damage physical structures. Users are encouraged to use safety helmets and other protective equipment and clothing. Users of vehicles shall comply with all applicable state laws and regulations concerning proper riding and required equipment. Small vehicles that are not intended for roadway use, such as golf carts or ATVs, are generally allowed on campus only for use by UNM units (see Section 6.3).

4. Prohibited Acts

The following acts with vehicles are prohibited on University property at all times:

  • Performing acrobatic maneuvers, stunts, trick riding, or similar movements
  • Using excessive speed
  • Jumping on or over steps, benches, rails, walls, fountains, or other permanent or temporary fixtures
  • Skating or riding any vehicle on handicap access ramps
  • Skating or riding any vehicle inside a University building (including a parking structure) or within fifteen (15) feet of a University building
  • Parking a bicycle any place other than at an authorized bicycle rack
  • Taking bicycles into University buildings except as authorized by the appropriate dean, director, or department head
  • Participating in any activity that reasonably presents a risk of injury to persons or damage to property
  • Driving vehicles intended for roadway use (such as motorcycles and mopeds) on sidewalks or pedestrian pathways

5. Enforcement

The UNM Police Department and UNM Parking and Transportation Services are responsible for enforcing this policy.

5.1. Sanctions

All student and visitor violations will be referred to the Dean of Students for review and action under the Student Code of Conduct and the Visitor Code of Conduct. All faculty and staff violations will be referred to the cognizant dean, director, or department head. Violators of this policy may also be subject to arrest for violation of state law.

Vehicles improperly parked on University property or inside University buildings as described above are subject to removal under the direction of the UNM Parking and Transportation Services in coordination with the UNM Police and/or the University Facilities Management Department. Impounded bicycles may be retrieved at the UNM Police Department.

6. Registration

6.1. Bicycles

Users are encouraged to register their bicycles free of charge at the UNM Police Department. Registration helps in the location and identification of stolen bicycles.

6.2. Motorcycles, mopeds, motorized scooters

Users may register for parking at UNM Parking and Transportation Services.

6.3. Golf carts and ATVs

Small vehicles that are not intended for roadway use, such as golf carts or ATVs, are generally allowed on campus only for use by UNM units. These vehicles must be registered with the UNM Automotive Center.

7. References

UAP 7780 (“Use of University Vehicles”)

UNM Automotive Center

UNM Parking and Transportation Services

UNM Police Department