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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 1050: Photo Identification Cards

Date Originally Issued: 05-08-1998
Revised: 06-01-2007, 01-01-2008, 01-04-2018, 04-04-2018

Process Owner: Associate Vice President, Student Life

1. General

The official form of University identification, for all units of the University except the Health Sciences Center, is the photo identification card called the LoboCard. Health Sciences Center employees and students receive identification badges printed by the UNM Hospitals Security Office, which are encoded to function similar to LoboCards. LoboCards are issued to University students, faculty, full-time and part-time regular staff, temporary staff, emeritus faculty, retirees, affiliates, and contractors. Continuing Education students and instructors are ineligible to receive LoboCards. LoboCards are issued with an individual's photo taken by the University LoboCard Office. LoboCards are the property of the University and must be returned upon request. The LoboCard Office is responsible for developing procedures to implement this policy. Branch campuses follow this policy as well.  

No individual should carry more than one University-issued encoded card from the same record in the LoboCard Office’s database.

Student LoboCards are issued with a six (6) year expiration date and should be renewed within thirty (30) days of that expiration date if the student is still actively enrolled in classes. Other expiration dates are determined by the individual's relationship to UNM and assigned by the Banner system.  The card is deactivated:

  • when a student is no longer registered at UNM; (student LoboCards are re-activated for subsequent enrollment activity if within three [3] semesters of issuance date);
  • on the termination or end date indicated on an employee's faculty contract; Electronic Personnel Action Notice (EPAN); or Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF); or
  • in the number of days determined by the specific affiliate role assigned to an individual, contractor, or guest student authorized according to Section 2.

A replacement fee is charged for lost or stolen cards. A LoboCard may be necessary to obtain certain University services or benefits or access to buildings and parking facilities.

2. Obtaining a LoboCard

The LoboCard Office, located in the Student Union Building (SUB), Room 1067 will issue LoboCards to eligible individuals. Proper identification (ID) is required.

Acceptable forms of IDs are:

  • U.S. passport
  • U.S. Military ID (active duty or retired military and their dependents, and Department of Defense civilians)
  • U.S. driver’s licenses or state photo identity cards issued by Department of Motor Vehicles for the sole purpose of identification
  • Native American Tribal ID
  • Foreign government issued passport
  • Foreign nation ID or driver’s license

The surname on the ID presented at the LoboCard Office must match, or contain (as in hyphenated surnames), the name of the individual in the official University record. The LoboCard Office cannot make any changes to legal names but can include a preferred first name on a LoboCard.

Individuals with special needs should contact the LoboCard Office for assistance.

2.1 Affiliate Cards

A department wishing to request a LoboCard for an individual who is not an admitted student, faculty member, or staff employee should submit appropriate paperwork to the office or individual tasked with Banner General Person data entry for that department.  Once properly entered into Banner General Person, the individual should be assigned the appropriate affiliate role.  Once the individual has been assigned the correct affiliate role with a valid expiration date, the Banner system will generate a record for the LoboCard database.   At that point the individual, by presenting proper ID (as specified in Section 2), can receive an affiliate LoboCard on the next business day. A fee will apply for all Affiliate LoboCards.  Not all affiliate roles are eligible for a LoboCard.

2.2 Lost or Stolen Cards

Students must immediately report lost or stolen cards to the LoboCard Office in person or online. The LoboCard Office will deactivate the cards. Anyone finding a LoboCard should turn it in to the LoboCard Office. Holders of active LoboCards will be notified by email at the email address listed in the UNM directory.

Each person will be charged a fee to replace a lost or stolen card.  The replacement fee must be paid at the LoboCard Office.  A University department may not waive or absorb this fee for the individual. The LoboCard Office cannot charge the fee to a student’s UNM Bursar account. To obtain a replacement card, the individual must bring a proper ID (as Specified in Section 2) as well as payment to the LoboCard Office.

2.2.3. Damaged Cards

No fee will apply for replacing a card with a malfunctioning magnetic stripe so long as the card contains only the magnetic stripe and does not have a proximity chip. Cards printed on proximity stock will be replaced at an additional charge. If the card has clearly been mishandled or damaged by the user, a damage fee will apply.

2.3 Preferred or Affirmed First Names

The University recognizes that individuals may prefer to use first names other than their legal ones to identify themselves.  As long as the use of this preferred or affirmed name is not for the purposes of misrepresentation or to avoid a legal obligation, individuals may use their preferred or affirmed names on LoboCards. Preferred or affirmed names are limited to alphabetical characters and certain special characters. Individuals requesting a preferred or affirmed name must present a government-issued photo ID matching the legal first and last name contained in the LoboCard Office’s carding software.

Affirmed or preferred first names may not contain or resemble obscene words, profane words, or racial slurs. Affirmed or preferred names must be in conformance with University policies. The Registrar’s Office will review affirmed or preferred name changes regularly. Any decision to disallow an affirmed or preferred name will be made by a committee convened by the Registrar and comprised of the Registrar, and a representative from each of these offices: Dean of Students Office, Division of Equity and Inclusion, and Office of Equal Opportunity. As needed, the committee may consult with ad hoc advisory representatives and representatives from the Office of University Counsel.

2.4 Legal Name Changes

Name changes and corrected names must be processed by the appropriate original data entry office: the Registrar’s Office for students; Human Resources for staff; and the Office of Faculty Affairs and Services for faculty.  Such changes require an overnight update before they are reflected in the LoboCard Office’s carding software. A fee will apply for obtaining a LoboCard reflecting such name changes.

3. Disclosure of Information

LoboCards issued will display the individual's name, photograph, status, and UNM ID number, along with the LoboCard number.  Faculty and staff employees who are also students may have two (2) status designations listed on their LoboCards. Teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and research assistants are not eligible to have the faculty status printed on their LoboCards. For security reasons, multiple cards will not be issued.  The individual's name, UNM ID number, and LoboCard number will be imbedded in the magnetic stripe data.

Information printed on the LoboCard must correspond with the information maintained by the University Banner System. If there are discrepancies, they must be corrected in the University Banner System by the original data entry office. The information will not be disclosed to outside organizations without the explicit written consent of the individual.

4. LoboCard Activated Benefits and Services

The LoboCard allows eligible individuals to use certain University services and benefits as defined by University policy. The LoboCard is unique to each individual and will allow only those services or benefits the individual is entitled to, such as access to a particular building.

4.1. Benefits

Benefits include, as appropriate:

  • Use of University Libraries to access materials and printing
  • Access to Johnson Center and Recreational Services classes
  • Student access to Athletics events
  • Discounts given by University organizations, including Athletics and UNM Public Events/Popejoy Hall tickets
  • Access to LoboCa$h declining balance account
  • IT Computer Pods access and printing
  • Authorized entry to secured areas on campus
  • Access to Student Health and Counseling Center
  • Access at La Posada Dining Club
  • Access to Residence Life and Student Housing buildings

In addition, through the “LoboPerks” program and in partnership with the LoboCard Office, a number of vendors in Albuquerque and beyond offer University students and employees discounts.

4.2. Electronic Key or Proximity Cards

The LoboCard may allow specific individuals access to certain buildings and parking facilities by serving as an electronic key or proximity card. Electronic key cards must be authorized by the appropriate personnel in the department and the request must be submitted on the LoboCard Office website. Individuals will be required to surrender their existing LoboCards for a card with a proximity chip. If the existing LoboCard is not returned in exchange for the proximity card, a replacement fee will apply. Cards printed on proximity stock generate an additional charge.

5. Fraudulent Use

Re-touching or alteration of card photographs are is prohibited. Unauthorized possession, use, or reproduction of a LoboCard is prohibited and may constitute theft. In such cases, the individuals involved will face criminal prosecution and disciplinary action.

6. Change in Employment or Affiliation with UNM

6.1. Separation of Employment

6.1.1. Faculty and Staff Employees

Faculty and staff who separate from the University must turn in their LoboCards to the LoboCard Office.

6.2. Change in Employment Status or University Affiliation Other than Separation

If the status designated on an individual's LoboCard changes, the individual must turn in the active card to the LoboCard Office. The LoboCard Office will replace it with a card appropriate for the new status. Individuals whose affiliation with the University ends must return their LoboCards to the LoboCard Office.

7. Revenue

Revenue generated by the LoboCard goes toward the operation of the LoboCard Office.