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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 5.1: The Faculty's Role in the University's Academic Mission

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 03-09-2023


This policy applies to faculty of the University.


The Board of Regents fully appreciates the strategic role the Faculty has in carrying out the University's mission of teaching research and public service. The Board, therefore, reaffirms the right of review and action delegated to the Faculty in regard to: (1) formulation of institutional aims; (2) creation of new colleges, schools and departments and divisions; (3) major curricular changes and other matters which in the opinion of the President of the University or their delegate affect the institution as a whole; (4) requirements for admission and graduation and for honors and scholastic performance in general; (5) approval of candidates for degrees; (6) policies of appointment, dismissal, and promotion in academic rank; (7) research; and (8) general faculty welfare. However, actions taken by the University Faculty shall be subject to the authority of the Regents in matters involving finance, personnel and general University Policy.

Formal approval by the Board is required, following review and action by the Faculty, and administration for: formulation and revision of institutional aims; creation of colleges, schools and branches; creation or elimination of degree programs; candidates for degrees; policies for appointment, promotion in rank and dismissal of faculty members; faculty welfare issues as these relate directly to fiscal and institutional issues. Nothing in this policy in any way restricts the plenary authority of the Board of Regents under New Mexico law and this Policy Manual.


The Faculty Constitution adopted by the Faculty and approved by the Board (last amended in 1985) contains the faculty responsibilities included in this policy. In implementing this policy, the Board may from time to time approve policies and procedures adopted by the faculty. The Faculty Constitution and policies and procedures adopted by the faculty and approved by the Board shall be printed in the Faculty Handbook and shall indicate the dates of approval by the Board.


Faculty Handbook, [1990 ed.], page A-9.

The following policies, approved previously by the Regents and the Faculty and printed in the Faculty Handbook, are not considered by the Regents to be governing-level policies appropriate for this manual. They do, however, continue in effect and may be changed or eliminated in the future by the Faculty Senate, with the approval of the President or Provost, without approval by the Regents.

Rights and Responsibilities at UNM, Section 6, (applicable to faculty only) A-5-6
Academic Load  B 18
Dates of Campus Duty B 21
Employment and Advanced Degrees B 22
Contracts B 23-24
Minimum Teaching Requirements B 27-28
Visiting Scholars B 28-29
Emeritus Status C 1
Publications Opportunities D 4-6 
Reprints of Scholarly Publications D 6-7
Research Support D 7-9

The following policies, approved previously by the Regents and the Faculty and printed in the Faculty Handbook, have been incorporated in other policies as indicated below:

Patent Policy  RPM 5.8
Privileges and Benefits RPM 6.3
Copyright Policy RPM 5.8
Appointments RPM 5.2, 6.1
Faculty Duties and Responsibilities RPM 5.2
Promotion in Rank RPM 5.2
Employment of Relatives UBPPM 3210
Political Activities RPM 6.5
Termination of Employment RPM 5.2

The following policies, contained in the previous Regents' Policy Manual, are repealed (these policies do not appear in the Faculty Handbook):

Treason D 4
Letters of Academic Title D 5
Employment Above Age 70 D 5 
University Physician Associates D 7
Affiliation of Medical School D 8
UNM Hospital/UNMH (BCMC) D 8
Research Objectives G 1