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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2290: Animal Control on University Property

Date Originally Issued: 07-01-2001
Revised: 03-26-2015, 09-30-2017

Process Owner: Chief, UNM Police Department

1. General

The University of New Mexico maintains an environment designed to support the education, research, and public service mission of the University. Since the presence of animals on University property can adversely affect the normal functions of the University, disrupt community living on campus, and interfere with the rights of others to participate in University activities by causing bodily harm to individuals, unsanitary conditions, and nuisances, the University has adopted the following policy pertaining to animals on campus.

This policy does not apply to animals used by the University for teaching, research, therapeutic, or other authorized University activities. Nor does this policy apply to the service and assistance animals addressed in UAP 2295 ("Service and Assistance Animals").

2. Restrictions

All animals on University property must be on a leash and under the constant supervision and control of their owner/guardian at all times. Animals are not permitted in University buildings or facilities except as authorized by the appropriate dean, director, or department head. Animals may not be left unattended at any time on campus. Animals may not be tied or tethered to any University property, including, but not limited to buildings, railings, bike racks, fire hydrants, fences, sign posts, benches, and trees. Animals are not permitted on athletic fields or in flower gardens/beds, fountains, or the duck pond. Animals may not disrupt or interfere with University activities, including but not limited to teaching, research, service, or administrative activities. Owners/guardians are responsible for:

  • ensuring their animals have all vaccinations and licenses required by applicable laws and ordinances;
  • controlling their animals;
  • cleaning up after their animals;
  • any damage to property or injury to person caused by their animals; and
  • complying with this policy and all applicable law pertaining to animal control while on campus.

3. Violations

Owners/guardians who violate this policy may be subject to charges under the "Student Code of Conduct" or the "Visitor Code of Conduct." Any person may contact the UNM Police Department to report a vicious or dangerous animal.

4. Related Policies

UAP 2295 ("Service and Assistance Animals")