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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 6340: Mailing Services

Date Originally Issued: 11-01-1991
Revised: 02-05-1996, 07-01-2010

Authorized by RPM 3.1 ("Responsibilities of the President")
Process Owner:  University Controller and HSC Senior Executive Officer for Finance and Administration

1. General

UNM Mailing Systems is the mail processing facility for the University of Mexico Albuquerque campus excluding University Hospital, and is responsible for processing all incoming, outgoing, bulk, and inter-campus mail in a timely and responsible way in accordance with the rules and regulations of the U.S. Postal Service and the University.   Mail is picked up and delivered daily on schedules established by UNM Mailing Systems based on a structured route system.  Due to frequent changes in technology, terminology, rules, and regulations current U.S. Postal Service information may be obtained by visiting the U.S. Postal Service website and/or the UNM Mailing Systems website.

2. University Campus Mail

Campus mail is interdepartmental mail addressed by campus senders to campus recipients. Campus mail must be properly addressed with name, department, and mail stop code.  University campus envelopes may be purchased at the University Bookstore for mailing campus mail. These envelopes are reusable and should not be sealed.  If contents are confidential, staples may be used for sealing. If a regular envelope is used, "Campus Mail" should be noted clearly on the envelope.

2.1. Mass Distribution

Departments wishing to inform campus personnel or a segment of campus personnel about official departmental matters may do so by making arrangements directly with UNM Mailing Systems.  Information to be distributed must be University related business and is subject to approval by the UNM Postmaster. 

3.  Mail Stop Codes

The University uses a mail stop code addressing system to route mail to various departments around campus; therefore, the mail stop code is a critical component of a department's address. 

3.1. Relocation of Department 

Departments that move will most likely be assigned a new mail stop code depending on the location of the move.  Departments assigned a new mail stop code will have their mail forwarded by UNM Mailing Systems for six (6) months.  Departments are responsible for informing correspondents of the new mail stop code.

3.2. New Mail Stop Code Requests

Requests for new delivery service will be evaluated based on mail volume, number of personnel in the department, physical location, and available resources.  Requests are subject to approval by the University Postmaster.  New requests that can be accommodated but strain the resources of UNM Mailing Systems may be subject to a monthly delivery fee in order to cover the additional expense.

4. Incoming U.S. Mail

UNM Mailing Systems picks up incoming U.S. mail bearing the 87131 zip code from the U.S. Postal Service Main Branch every business day, some holidays, and some weekends.  The 87131 zip code is recognized as unique to the University of New Mexico by the U.S. Postal Service and is used for University related business mail. 

Upon receipt of the University's mail from the U.S. Postal Service, the University assumes ownership and University policies determine the treatment and handling of the mail.  UNM Mailing Systems delivers all mail received from the U.S. Postal Service to the designated delivery points daily.  Campus mail and U.S. mail received after the last scheduled delivery route will be delivered the next business day with the exception of Express Mail.  All Express Mail will be delivered to the designated department on the same day it is received by UNM Mailing Systems.  Express Mail received on a Saturday or holiday will be delivered the next business day. 

4.1. Departmental Responsibility

Once mail is delivered to the departments by UNM Mailing Systems, it is the department's responsibility to make every effort to ensure that each departmental employee receives mail that is intended for that employee.  All individual U.S. mail to employees on extended leave and to all faculty and staff who have left the department should be forwarded immediately upon receipt.   It is a violation of this policy to mishandle, tamper with, or deliberately delay the delivery of mail, and to do so may be cause for disciplinary action.  This includes all classes of U.S. Postal Service mail and all campus mail.  

4.2.  Accountable Mail

Accountable mail such as Express, Registered, Certified, and Insured mail is delivered to and signed for by the employee who has been designated to receive the department's mail.  Accountable mail will not be delivered until a signature is obtained. 

4.3.  Student Residence Mail

Student residents are responsible for informing their correspondents of their appropriate mailing address which should include the student's name, SRC box number, 2700 Campus Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM  87106-8000.  UNM Mailing Systems picks up mail from the U.S. Postal Service and delivers it directly to the Student Residence Center mail room which is responsible for distributing the mail to student boxes.  Accountable mail is signed for by an employee(s) designated by the Student Residence mail room. 

4.4.  Undeliverable Mail

UNM Mailing Systems attempts to determine a point of delivery for all incoming mail.  Incoming mail will only be returned to the sender if all avenues for determining a correct delivery point have been exhausted.  Delivery of Standard (Bulk) Mail is not guaranteed if it is not addressed properly.

5.  Outgoing U.S. Mail

Outgoing U.S. mail should be left at officially designated collection points in University buildings for pick up and processing by UNM Mailing Systems.  Departments may also deliver official University mail to UNM Mailing Systems located at 1128 University N.E.  The proper addressing, packaging, and classifying of mail is the responsibility of the employee sending the mail. All outgoing mail must bear a valid University return address with a mail stop code and a valid postage sticker (refer to Sections 5.4. and 5.5. herein for details). Current postal requirements, services, rates, and preparation procedures can be found on the UNM Mailing Services website

5.1. Classes of Mail

According to U.S. Postal Service regulations, classes assigned to mail vary with the material enclosed. The sender is responsible for determining the class assigned and for ensuring that the contents and preparation comply with the desired class. Departments should be aware that the higher the class of mail service requested, the higher the resulting cost to the department. Items sent to UNM Mailing Systems will go at the lowest class allowable by U.S. Postal Service regulations unless another higher class is indicated on the envelope or parcel. 

5.2. Extra Services (Outgoing Accountable Mail)

Extra services are available from the U.S. Postal Service for purposes such as tracking, insuring, securing, obtaining a signature, or confirming delivery of a mail piece and must be requested by the sender.  Departments will be charged fees for extra services in addition to postage.  Departments requesting extra services must complete all required U. S. Postal forms in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. 

5.3.  Parcels

Packages and wrapping must be sufficiently strong to retain and protect contents. Reinforced (strapping) tape should be used. If the parcel contains liquid, the sender must include sufficient packing to absorb all of the liquid in case of breakage. Parcels containing liquids should be clearly marked "Fragile."

5.4.  Return Address

The return address on all outgoing University mail must include the sending department's mail stop code.  Examples of correct return addresses can be found on UNM Mailing Services website.   

5.5. Postage

Departments are charged for all postage including extra services described in Section 5.2. herein. There is no charge for campus mail. Departments who need to know the cost of postage before mailing may bring the article to UNM Mailing Systems to determine the postage expense.

5.5.1. Postal Barcoded PR Sticker

In order for UNM Mailing Systems to charge departments for postage, departments are required to attach a postal barcoded PR (purchase requisition) sticker to each bundle or package of outgoing mail.  Barcoded stickers are provided by UNM Mailing Systems and may be ordered online.

5.5.2.  Bulk Mail and Mail Production

Bulk mail refers not to a particular class of mail, but rather to a separate processing procedure for larger volumes of mail that meet certain criteria which qualify them for postage discounts.  To ensure compliance with current U.S. Postal Service requirements, departments must contact UNM Mailing Systems prior to beginning a bulk mail project.

5.5.3.  International Mail 

Postage rates to foreign countries vary with each country. Specific information on foreign rates may be obtained from UNM Mailing Systems. International mail must be bundled separately from all other campus and domestic outgoing mail and generally requires a customs form which can be obtained from the U.S. Postal Service International Mail Manual (IMM) website. 

5.6.  Outsourced Mailings

Any department using an off campus mail processing vendor must work with both UNM Mailing Systems and the vendor to ensure all U.S. Postal Service regulations and University rules are followed.  Mailings presented to UNM Mailing Systems without the required information may be refused.

5.7.  Outgoing Personal Mail

Personal mail may be deposited by the sender with official University outgoing U.S. mail only if the proper postage is affixed at the expense of the sender.  All letters bearing the sender's home address as the return address are assumed to be personal mail.  UNM Mailing Systems will not accept stamped mail weighing thirteen (13) ounces or more due to U.S. Postal Service restrictions. 

6.  Prepaid Reply Mail

Departments must consult with UNM Mailing Systems when Meter Reply Mail or Business Reply Mail is needed.  All reply mail postage will be billed back to the department of origin. 

7.  Unauthorized Mail

Campus mail or U.S. mail sent at University expense may not be used:

  • for political purposes;
  • for the business of an organization unaffiliated with the University to which an employee may belong;
  • for personal purposes by an employee; or
  • for the distribution of materials which are not related to the current business of the University.

8. Incidental Personal Use by Employees

Employees may receive personal mail at the University for emergency or extenuating circumstances.  In addition, employees may receive personal mail at the University as long as it is limited to incidental personal use which is defined as infrequent, limited, and non-routine use that does not:

  • interfere with an employee fulfilling his or her job responsibilities;
  • consume significant time or resources;
  • become excessive as determined by UNM Mailing Systems; or
  • otherwise violate any federal or state laws, any individual college or departmental policies or codes of conduct, or University policies.

All postage must be paid by the employee and can never be sent at the University's expense.  Employees must not forward personal mail to the University through the U.S. Postal Service; doing so will result in the mail being returned to the sender.  Employees cannot have large or heavy personal packages sent to the University.  UNM Mailing Systems may require that other types of personal packages be picked up by the recipient at UNM Mailing Systems.