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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 5.10: Conflicts of Interest in Research

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 07-11-2000
Amended: 03-09-2023


This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and visitors who conduct research at or on behalf of UNM.


The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity, trust and respect of UNM, its academic community and its research activities. The policy is intended to enable compliance with applicable laws and other regulatory requirements and to protect research investigators who may be exposed to conflict of interest situations. It is designed to inform investigators of their disclosure responsibilities, provide an efficient method for making disclosures, and facilitate effective identification and management of conflicts of interest.

Members of the University of New Mexico community are engaged in many contractual, consulting and advisory relationships with other universities, government agencies and private sector entities. UNM encourages these relationships for their contributions to research, education, technological advancement and professional development. UNM members must be cautious, however, to prevent unresolved conflicts of interest in these relationships that might undermine the credibility of their work or damage their reputation. Additionally, full-time faculty members and researchers must be mindful of their obligation to devote their primary professional efforts and allegiance to UNM. Other activities should not interfere or significantly conflict with this responsibility.

Conflicts of interest may occur when an investigator's research responsibilities compete with their private interests, such as financial interests, raising questions of objectivity and improper gain. Conflicts of interest are inevitable in modern research universities and do not imply any impropriety on the part of the investigator. A conflict of interest may exist despite the highest standards of conduct and candor. Most conflicts can be successfully resolved without impeding research activities. Disclosing the required information at the earliest possible time will afford the best protection of an investigator's interests.


On April 11, 2000, the Board approved a detailed Conflicts of Interest in Research Policy, which was previously approved by the Faculty Senate and which supersedes the Policy and Procedures on Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research adopted by the Board in 1992. The President and the Faculty Senate are authorized to make minor technical and implementing modifications to the detailed Conflicts of Interest in Research Policy. The detailed Conflicts of Interest in Research Policy shall be published in the next edition of the Faculty Handbook and posted on the web page of the Office of Research Services.


NSF Investigator Financial Disclosure Policy, Grants Policy Manual §510; HHS Objectivity in Research regulation, 42 CFR Part 50, 45 CFR Part 40; UNM Conflict of Interest Waiver Policy for Technology Transfer, RPM 5.17. This policy amends the detailed policy approved by the Board in 1992, which amended the Faculty Handbook [1990 ed.] D-10 through D-12.