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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 6.6: Labor Management Relations

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 06-08-1999
Amended: 09-12-2000


This policy applies to all permanent full-time and part-time employees (faculty and staff) of the University.


The University of New Mexico Policy on Labor Management Relations states, in part, as follows:

"Any permanent, full-time or part-time staff employee of the University is free to join and assist any labor organization of his or her own choosing or to participate in the formation of a new labor organization, or to refrain from any such activities, except however, faculty, supervisory personnel, managerial, administrative and professional employees exempt from the overtime provisions of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, confidential employees and employees engaged in personnel work, temporary part-time employees and temporary full-time employees shall not be represented by any labor organization for the purposes of bargaining collectively with the University on wages, hours, or other working conditions."


The Board of Regents has adopted, and hereby reaffirms, a policy on labor-management relations for the University and a similar policy for the University of New Mexico Hospital. The Health Sciences Center Clinical Operations Board is authorized by Exhibit A to Regents' Policy 2.13, as amended, to adopt or amend the labor-management relations policy for the University of New Mexico Hospital, which is applicable to employees of the Health Sciences Center Clinical Facilities who are assigned to the University of New Mexico Hospital personnel system. The procedures for determination of appropriate bargaining units, conducting elections and certifying labor organizations as exclusive bargaining representatives are set forth in these policies. Complete copies of these policies are maintained by the University Counsel, the University's Human Resources Department, and the University of New Mexico Hospital Human Resources Department. The President may adopt administrative policies and procedures to implement this policy.


Public Employees Bargaining Act, § 10-7A-1, et seq., NMSA 1978.

Regents' Action

Labor-Management Relations Policy, as revised June 8, 1999; University of New Mexico Hospital Labor Relations Policy, as revised February 18, 1981; Signature Authority for Contracts, RPM 7.8.