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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 2615: Non-Standard Payment Processing

Date Originally Issued: 11-01-1991
Revised: 01-01-1997, 01-01-2008, 07-01-2010, 01-01-2012, 12-09-2020

Authorized by RPM 6.1 ("Performance Management")
Process Owner:  University Controller and HSC Senior Executive Officer for Finance and Administration

1. General

The standard methods for paying faculty, staff, and student employees are either automatically on the monthly payroll or through the biweekly payroll, which requires processing a time report. However, due to the nature of the compensation, a payment may need to be processed differently using a Non-Standard Payment Form.  A Non-Standard Payment Form is used for the following types of payments:

  • Extra Compensation: Compensation for work performed outside the scope of an employee's regular job duties, subject to strict limitations. Refer to Section 8 of UAP 3500 ("Wage and Salary Administration") and Faculty Handbook Policy C140.  Payments are subject to retirement contributions.
  • Clinical Practice Payments:  May be applicable for certain HSC healthcare staff who render licensed services as credentialed providers.  These plans are established in compliance with relevant state and federal statutes, HSC policies, and generally accepted clinical business practices, and in accordance with pre-determined departmental policy. 
  • Health Sciences Center Performance Payments:  May be made to HSC faculty subject to strict limitations under HSC policies approved by HSC deans and the Executive Vice President/CEO for Health Sciences.
  • Endowed Faculty Payments: Professorships or lectureships funded by a source other than the employee's regular budgeted assignment. The source of funding may be internal or from an endowment.  Payments are subject to retirement contributions.
  • Graduate Studies Extra Compensation: One-time payment for work performed by a graduate student employee in another department (not their regular department) or for work in addition to regular duties outside the scope of the contract.
  • Resident Physician's Extra Compensation:  Payments for work performed outside of the employee's regular duties.
  • Awards and Prizes: Payments to employees from programs approved by the cognizant vice president, such as the Gerald May Staff Recognition Program.

Individuals paid outside the payroll system are independent contractors and must meet specific criteria outlined in UAP 4325 ("Purchasing Professional Services from Independent Contractors"). 

2. Processing the Non-Standard Payment Form

The Non-Standard Payment Form is available on-line.  The department authorizing payment prints off the Non-Standard Payment Form, obtains the required signatures, and submits the completed form to the appropriate employment data center indicated on the form.

3. Schedule of Payment

Payment is made upon completion of services.  The employee will be paid on his or her next scheduled payroll following all necessary entries and approvals if submitted to Payroll by the appropriate deadline.