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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 2.11.1: Building Plaques

Adopted Date: 05-08-2007
Amended: 03-09-2023


This policy applies to the placement of plaques on new buildings and major new additions to buildings constructed on the University’s campuses. 


Upon the completion of construction of a new building or a major new addition to a building on any of the University’s campuses, a plaque shall be mounted in the lobby of the building or other appropriate interior location as determined by the University President.  The plaque will be of such material, proportion and detail as to harmonize with its surroundings in an appropriate manner, as approved by the University Architect.  The plaque will include the following information: 

  • Building name
  • University President on the date (the “contract approval date”) of approval of the construction contract for the building project.
  • Members of the Board of Regents and their Board offices on the contract approval date, and members and their offices on the dedication date.
  • Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration on the contract approval date, if project is under their jurisdiction
  • Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs on the contract approval date, if project involves an academic or student services building
  • Executive Vice President for Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer of the UNM Health System on the contract approval date, if project involves a Health Sciences Center building
  • Members of the Clinical Operations Board on the contract approval date, if determined appropriate by the President for a project that involves a Health Sciences Center building
  • Name of Architect
  • Name of General Contractor
  • Year building completed
  • Other individuals and/or public officials who the President of the University determines made substantial efforts or contributions that made the project possible
  • If elected officials who were in office at the time the building was funded are listed, acknowledged or thanked, the plaque shall also include a statement of equal size and visibility that thanks the taxpayers of New Mexico for their contribution in funding the construction.


Regents' Policy 2.11 ("Naming University Facilities, Spaces, Endowments, and Programs"); UAP 1020 ("Honorary Naming Recognition"); Section 13-8-1, NMSA 1978 (Public buildings; acknowledgment of taxpayers when elected officials acknowledged).