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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 7.11: Selection of Architects for UNM Projects

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 04-08-2014


This policy applies to the selection of architects for all University of New Mexico projects.


It is the policy of the University to select architects from all areas of the state without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, physical or mental handicap, sexual preference, ancestry, or medical condition. The University wishes to employ the best qualified architectural firm for each project and to use a variety of different firms. Only registered architects resident in New Mexico will be designated as the project architect or architect of record, as required by law.

When an addition or remodeling is planned for an existing building, the architect who designed the original building, if still in practice, may be retained as a "sole source," if the earlier work was satisfactory and the Chief Procurement Officer approves the contract pursuant to the New Mexico Procurement Code.


Architectural Act, § 61-15-1, et seq., NMSA 1978.