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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 5150: University Wayfinding System and Sign Standards

Date Originally Issued: 07-01-2011

Authorized by RPM 3.1 ("Responsibilities of the President")
Process Owner: Associate Vice President for Institutional Support Services

1. General

The University of New Mexico’s (UNM) Wayfinding System encompasses all signage and other mechanisms used to guide individuals in finding their way to various destinations throughout UNM.  It was developed to ensure a cohesive visual identity that presents a sense of unity and pride among those connected to UNM, by requiring consistent design and materials, including signs.  Well-defined and organized-wayfinding promotes marketing of UNM services; creating a positive image; evoking a sense of history, quality, and character; establishing gateways; and improving the streetscape. Additionally wayfinding enhances accessibility and public safety, by focusing the attention of walkers, cyclists, and drivers thereby reducing accidents.  This policy describes the requirements and procedures necessary to ensure a successful and cost effective Wayfinding System. 

2.  Design Guidelines

Wayfinding and signage standards and guidelines are posted on the Facilities Management website.  UNM sign types covered by these standards and guidelines include, but are not limited to, campus entry monument, site identification, vehicular directional, welcome sign, building identifier, wall mounted letters, building directory, parking information, pedestrian orientation maps, and pedestrian/bicycle regulatory and safety. Additional sign types may be developed by the University Planning Officer as necessary.

3.  Authority

The University Architect and the Associate Vice President for Institutional Support Services (ISS) will collaborate with the appropriate level of faculty, administration, staff, and building occupants in the planning, design, and construction phases of wayfinding and signage.

4. Request for Exterior Signs

Departments or units wishing to request an external sign may submit a request through the "Project Request" tab on the Facilities Management website or Planning, Design & Construction website.  Criteria for approval will be based on the wayfinding and signage standards and guidelines discussed in Section 2. herein.  

Freestanding building identification signs shall generally present only:

  • formal building name or donor name (naming of University facilities must comply with UAP 1020 ("Honorary Naming Recognition”);
  • college/school;
  • department;
  • executive office or established institution;
  • numeric address; and/or
  • building number.

Once approved, the Facilities Management will arrange for the fabrication and installation of signs. 

4.1. Cost

The cost of building signs for new or major remodeled buildings will be charged to the applicable construction account.  Changes to existing building signs requested by the administration will be charged to the appropriate account.  All other name changes and/or sign requests which are initiated by a department or unit will be charged to the requestor’s department through a purchase requisition.  The Purchasing Department will not process any exterior building sign purchase requisition without written approval from the University Architect or designee.

4.2.  Appeals

If an exterior sign request is not approved, the decision can be appealed in writing to the Associate Vice President for Institutional Support Services.