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Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual - Policy 5250: Use of University Facilities

Date Originally Issued: 06-11-2018

Authorized by RPM 8.1 (“Special Use of University Facilities”)

Process Owner: University President

1. General

As a public institution, the University of New Mexico serves a wide range of constituencies and there are frequent demands for the use of University facilities, both inside buildings and outside grounds.  Priority for the use of University facilities shall be given to activities consistent with the University's mission of education, research, and public service.

The purpose of this policy is to set forth appropriate standards, priorities, and guidelines for scheduling facilities, events, and special events on campus.  This policy applies to the Albuquerque campuses of UNM.  In this policy, the term:

  • "facility" means a University-controlled building, space, or grounds;
  • “special event” means any non-routine event held in a University building or on University property, as defined in UAP 2230 (“Police and Security Services”);
  • “facility manager” means any individual assigned to manage scheduling for a particular facility.
  • “facility user” refers to University units or individuals and non-University entities or individuals that contract for, or otherwise arrange for, the use of a facility.

2. Responsibility for Scheduling

The scheduling of academic classrooms and academic laboratory space, including creative and performing arts facilities, is the responsibility of the Registrar's Office, Health Sciences Center Academic Affairs or Library and Informatics Center, and the academic departments.

The assigned facility manager schedules all other events in that particular facility.  Operational procedures for scheduling specific facilities on campus are available through the administrative office or facility manager responsible for the facility. 

The allocation of University space is determined by UAP 5200 (“Allocation and Assignment of Space”).

3. Scheduling Priority in University Facilities

Academic classes receive first priority in all classroom buildings and other facilities used primarily for teaching. The scheduling priority of other facilities depends on the predominant use of the facility. For all facilities, scheduling priority also will be given to consideration of accommodations for individuals with disabilities. Reservations for academic space for uses other than academic classes are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and assignment begins after academic classes have been assigned. Facility users from within and from outside the University may schedule non-academic facilities a certain period of time in advance of the event, according to the facility’s operational procedures. Scheduled activities may be moved or rescheduled to meet academic or University needs.

4. Role of Facility Manager

Each facility manager is responsible for:

  • Scheduling events and special events in that particular facility;
  • Developing and maintaining operational procedures for scheduling in that facility, including applicable fees, as needed;
  • Ensuring that facility users are aware of and follow relevant University policies and safety precautions;
  • Ensuring that facility users have proper insurance and contracts in place, if applicable (see Sections 9.5 and 9.6);
  • Referring large-scale special events to the Special Events Committee for recommendations and security needs.

5. Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee consists of representatives from major areas of the University working with special events. The committee meets regularly to review large-scale special events on campus referred by a facility manager, make recommendations, share information on the use of University facilities, and develop a schedule of charges and guidelines for security fees (see Section 9.3). The committee is coordinated by the Student Activities Center. 

6. Use of Campus Buildings and Grounds

University facilities may be scheduled and resources and personnel used for events. Facility use requests will be considered based on the size and type of the event, number of attendees, and availability of space. In addition to this policy, facility users shall be subject to all other applicable UNM policies, including the Student and Visitor Codes of Conduct.

University units and off-campus organizations may request use of University buildings and grounds, subject to the payment of applicable fees (see Section 9).

The use of the Student Union Building by chartered student organizations is specified in “Room Rentals: Chartered Student Organizations.”  For the use of University facilities outside of the Student Union Building, chartered student organizations generally follow the provisions of this policy that pertain to University units (although they are not University units).

7. Facility Reservation by University Units and Off-Campus Organizations

Potential facility users wishing to reserve University buildings and grounds must do so in writing using the appropriate departmental form and, in the case of special events, the Special Event Notification Form on the UNM Police Department website.  The facility user must designate an individual who will be held accountable for adhering to University policies, for the safety of persons attending the event, and for the preservation of the facility.  A responsible representative of the facility user must be present for the duration of any event. The reservation process is completed only when the facility user has received a written confirmation from the facility manager.

Facility users may not sell, sublease, or transfer their reservations.  The facility user reserving the space must be the primary organizer of the event.

The scheduling of activities, meetings, or programs by chartered student organizations must be executed by an appointed or elected officer, chairperson, or club advisor as indicated in the organization's approved charter form.  The University requires at least one organizational officer to be present for the duration of the event.

Reassignment of space may be made as necessary, as determined by UNM, to accommodate academic or University needs.

8. Use of Facilities Outside Normal Operating Hours

The use of University buildings and grounds outside of normal operating hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm) may require the presence of custodial, security, grounds, or building and maintenance staff for facility support and supervision. Staffing requirements will be determined by the facility manager and will be reimbursed by the facility user.

9. Facility Use Fees

Arrangements for payment of fees must be made in advance with the facility manager. Additional charges may be assessed if damages or unanticipated expenses occur. The facility user shall be held responsible for all damage to University property. Failure to pay facility use fees, security fees, or damages incidental to the use of the facility, or to comply with this policy, may result in the immediate loss of scheduling privileges, possible disciplinary action, or possible legal action.

9.1. Facility Rental Fee

This fee represents reasonable compensation for actual operating costs and may include a space use deposit.  Additional charges may be assessed for labor expenses for set-up and breakdown, media services or computer equipment, or rental fees for campus equipment (e.g., tables, chairs).  A current fee structure for such expenses is available from the facility manager.

9.2. Personnel Support Fee

When events require personnel support services for preparation, execution, or clean-up, facility users may be required to compensate the University for such services. The University cannot guarantee the availability of personnel to work at extracurricular events or events that occur after normal operating hours.  A request to schedule an event may be denied if necessary personnel are unavailable. The availability of personnel shall be based on the operational needs of the appropriate department.

9.3. Security Fees

Security fees for a special event may be charged in accordance with UAP 2230 (“Police and Security Services”), based on the factors listed in that policy and on the Special Event Notification Form. The basic cost of security will be charged to all groups.

9.4. Parking Services

Facility users must notify Parking and Transportation Services of any event that may impact campus traffic flow or require parking for guests. As multiple events may be occurring at any given time, the availability of facilities, such as the Visitor Lots, cannot be guaranteed.

Depending on the size, location, and date of the event, Parking and Transportation Services may need to provide additional services for the event.  If such services are deemed necessary by the Director of Parking and Transportation Services, or if they are requested by the facility user, the costs associated with providing those services must be paid by the facility user.

9.5. Insurance

Non-University facility users are required to provide a certificate of insurance for general liability in an amount no less than $1,000,000 and workman's compensation for employees of the event.  The certificate of insurance must name the Regents of the University of New Mexico, the University of New Mexico, its agents, officers, and employees as additional insured.  The University is not responsible for liability arising from the activities associated with the event. For more information or to purchase insurance, refer to the UNM Safety and Risk Services Tenant Users Liability Insurance Program (TULIP).

9.6. Contracts and Agreements

University facilities that lease space for use by non-University facility users must do so pursuant to a form contract approved by Office of University Counsel. For more information on contracts, see UAP 2010 (“Contracts Signature Authority and Review”). Facility users from within the University should be aware that some facility managers might require completion of a written form to reserve space for an event.

10. Catering Services

The University has a contractual arrangement with Chartwells, a food service provider organized under Dining and Food Services. Dining and Food Service’s UNM Catering Office is the campus department responsible for the provision of food and beverages on the University campus. In certain facilities, there may be limitations to food and beverage offerings permitted or to catering by outside providers; the facility manager can provide information on catering limitations or exclusivity provisions.

Catering by outside providers on University property must submit a current Certificate of Insurance in order to do business with the University. For more information about insurance requirements for service providers on campus, refer to the Purchasing Department website.

The University's contractual arrangement does not include University Hospitals or University Concessions.

11. Cancellation or Changes of Reserved Space

Labor charges will be assessed for canceled functions when any such costs have been incurred. Failure to cancel reserved space in a timely manner, as determined by the facility manager, may result in the assessment of additional charges and/or loss of scheduling privileges. Changes in reservations that incur costs to the University will result in the assessment of additional charges.

UNM reserves the right to cancel a special event, event, or facility rental if the security risk to the University is too high; see UAP 2230 (“Police and Security Services”). A cancellation may be appealed to the University President.

12. References

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