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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 3.1: Responsibilities of the President

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 12-14-2004
Amended: 03-14-2016


This policy applies to the President of the University.


The President of the University is its Chief Executive Officer and reports directly to the Board of Regents. The President is responsible for implementing the policies adopted by the Board of Regents. The Board hereby delegates authority to the President to carry out his or her responsibilities to manage the University, as set forth generally in this policy, and to adopt administrative policies and procedures consistent with Regents' policies.

The President may adopt new or revised administrative policies and procedures on the President's own initiative or on the recommendation of faculty or administrative staff, without prior approval of the Regents, provided that any changes in administrative policies and procedures do not conflict with Regents' policy.

The President may further delegate this authority unless specifically prohibited from doing so by explicit statement in a policy adopted by the Regents.

The President's responsibilities include:

  • oversight of the quality of the academic and support programs of the University and all of its component entities;
  • supervision of the relationship between students and the administration; 
  • management of the University's finances;
  • administration of the personnel system; 
  • operation and maintenance of real and personal property under the jurisdiction of the University; 
  • fundraising, intercollegiate athletics, auxiliary enterprises, and alumni activities; 
  • consultation and cooperation with the Regents and other University groups on various matters, including planning for the future development of the University; 
  • representation of the University in public affairs;
  • accounting to the Board of Regents for the University's finances on a quarterly and annual basis;
  • establishing a centralized system for fundraising, advancement, and development;
  • reporting annually to the Board of Regents on the state of the University;
  • presenting to the Board of Regents for approval the organizational structure of the University.

This Policy Manual specifies actions for which Regents' approval is required. However, it is virtually impossible to anticipate every situation in which it may be appropriate for the Regents to act. It is the responsibility of the President of the University, in consultation with the President of the Board, to seek Regents' approval when a proposed action is of such consequence that it could affect the fiscal condition of the University or its academic mission or is of such public importance as to warrant the involvement of the Regents even though Regents' approval is not specifically required by this Policy Manual or any statute or other regulation.


The President shall appoint an administrative staff to assist in the performance of the functions and duties assigned by the Board to the President and may re-delegate authority as the President deems necessary to selected administrators, except as may be explicitly restricted by the Board of Regents. The President may adopt appropriate administrative policies and procedures to implement policies adopted by the Regents.

The President shall adopt a procedure for developing and adopting new or revised administrative policies and procedures. This procedure shall be designed to ensure participation and discussion by those members of the University community affected by the proposed administrative action. Administrative policies and procedures shall become effective on the date of adoption by the President, or as otherwise specified.


See, Policy on Signature Authority for Contracts (RPM 7.8).