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Regents' Policy Manual - Section 1.4: Appointment of the President of the University

Adopted Date: 09-12-1996
Amended: 10-13-1998


This policy applies to the selection and appointment of the President of the University.


The term "candidate" includes both applicants and nominees for the position of President of the University.


The Board of Regents is responsible for selecting and appointing a President of the University. The Board considers this to be one of its most important responsibilities.


Whenever the position of President becomes vacant, the Regents shall conduct a search for qualified candidates for the Presidency. The Board shall be guided by equal employment opportunity and affirmative action principles and procedures.

The Board may appoint an advisory search committee to aid in identifying qualified candidates for the Presidency. Such a committee should be representative of the various segments of the University community and may include Regents and one or more members from the community at large. The Board will carefully consider the committee's recommendations before taking final action but cannot be bound by those recommendations, because the Board has sole legal responsibility for appointing a President of the University.

All Regents, search committee members, or employees involved in the Presidential search process at the University shall keep confidential the identity of candidates for President and the details of the deliberations of those responsible for screening candidates, except as provided in this policy. Under all circumstances, letters of reference, the deliberations of the search committee, and other similar evaluative materials shall be kept confidential with respect to all candidates. Preliminary interviews of candidates by the search committee or any member or subcommittee of the search committee prior to the public identification of finalists shall also be confidential. 

At least twenty-one days before the date of a meeting of the Board of Regents at which final action is taken on selection of the President, the Board shall give public notice of names of the finalists being considered for the position. The Board shall consider in the final selection process at least five finalists. The required notice may be provided through various methods which must include publication in a newspaper of statewide circulation and in a newspaper of county-wide circulation in Bernalillo County. The required publication shall be made at least twenty-one days and not more than thirty days before the described meeting. Copies of the resumes or curriculum vitae of the finalists shall be made available at the same time public notice is given of their names.

The Board may appoint an interim president pending completion of a search for a permanent president.

The President serves at the discretion of the Board, subject to the terms of the President's contract.


Inspection of Public Records Act, §14-2-1, NMSA 1978, as amended, Special Session 1998.