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Exception to Policy 1310 on a one-year trial basis

January 19, 2012

On January 19, 2012, President Schmidly granted an exception to the current version of Policy 1310 on a one-year trial basis.  Click here to view President Schmidly’s authorizing memo.

The following proposed amendments to the policy are still under review.

Policy 1310 “Student Fee Review Board Policy” The recommended changes reflect a collaboration between ASUNM President Jaymie Roybal and GPSA President Katie Richardson that will ultimately benefit the student body and are fully supported by both presidents.

  1. The composition of the board will be five (5) undergraduates and two (2) graduates with one (1) alternate for the undergraduates and two (2) alternates for the graduate students. The composition of the board better reflects the population of students on campus.

  2. All policy changes and fee increases or decreases must be approved by six (6) voting members of the board.

  3. All applications will be treated equally and follow the same process for allocation and approval of student fees.

  4. The new process will result in more equitable and accurate recommendations and will provide the opportunity for individuals to have a greater voice in determining appropriate funding amounts.   Click here to view campus comments received on proposed changes to this policy.

President Schmidly approved the revised travel policy which applies to all travel reimbursement forms received by UNM Financial Services AFTER 5PM on 12/16/11.  It can be viewed at