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1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
Scholes Hall
114 A and B

Phone: (505) 277-2069

New Policy Approvals and Revisions

January 19, 2012

President Schmidly approved two new policies and revisions to 19 existing policies with a Jan 1, 2012 effective date.  The policies are listed below:

Policy 2000 “Responsibility and Accountability for University Information and Transactions”

Policy 2020 “Conferences”  DELETED

Policy 2295 “Service Animals”  NEW

Policy 2610 “Time and Leave Reporting”

Policy 2615 “Non Standard Payment Processing”

Policy 2635 “Payroll Deductions, W-2s, and Tax Reporting”

Policy 2670 “Garnishments and Other Wage Withholdings”

Policy 2680 “Payroll Overpayments and Collection”  NEW

Policy 3200 “Employee Classification”

Policy 3230 “Performance Review and Recognition”

Policy 3235 “Staff Recognition and Awards”

Policy 3250 “New Employee Orientation”

Policy 3270 “Suspected Employee Impairment at Work”

Policy 3640 “Supplemental Retirement Savings Plans”

Policy 3650 “Flexible Spending” 

Policy 3745 “Service Awards” 

Policy 4040 “Employee Recruitment Expense Reimbursement”

Policy 4320 “Purchasing Goods Off Campus”

Policy 6350 “Recycling Materials”

Policy 7210 “Petty Cash Fund”