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Scholes Hall
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Phone: (505) 277-2069

Revisions to Eight Policies Approved

February 1, 2013

President Frank approved revisions to eight policies on February 1, 2013, as follows:

  • Policy 2050 (“Governmental Relations and Legislative Activity”) was revised to emphasize the important clearinghouse role of the Office of Government and Community Relations, and the need for all legislative contacts by students, faculty, and staff to be coordinated with and reported to that office. 
  • Minor revisions were made to Policy 2300 (“Inspection of Public Records”) to incorporate the University’s new sunshine portal, Sunshine @ The University of New Mexico.
  • Changes were made to Policy 2620 (“Distribution of Pay”) to allow for distribution of pay through ATM cards, in addition to direct deposit..
  • The cap for reimbursement of moving expenses for new employees was raised from $10,000 to $15,000 in Policy 4020 (“Moving Expenses”).
  • Policy 5020 (“Historic Preservation”) was revised to include the Curator of the John Gaw Meem Archive on the Historic Preservation Committee and a recommendation that sustainable landscaping materials be considered, as appropriate, for historic buildings.
  • To reflect current terminology, the term “fund balances” was replaced with “reserves” throughout Policy 7000 (“Budgets and Reserves”), including in its title.
  • Policy 7780 (“Use of University Vehicles”) was revised to reflect current practices and to clarify requirements, including a new prohibition (often required by federal research sponsors) on the use of cell phones while driving University vehicles.
  • The provisions of Policy 8210 (“Tuition and Related Fees”) that relate to course fees were revised to clarify the proper and improper uses of the two types of course fees: class fees (which support the particular needs of a specific course) and curricular fees (which support the curricular needs of a department, college, or school).