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Public Comment Period

April 10, 2013

The public comment period for a proposed new policy on "Camping" and proposed revisions to four three existing policies has begun and will continue through May 10, 2013.  Links to the policy drafts and a "Campus Comments" box for submitting comments can be found in the "Under Review" section of this website.  The proposed policy changes are described below.

  • Proposed revisions to Sec. 4 of UAP 2140 ("Use and Possession of Alcohol on University Property") conform to the proposed changes in Sec. 4.15 of Policy 4000 and prohibit the use of University funds to purchase alcohol except for research purposes.  Under the revisions, non-University funds (such as UNM Foundation funds) can be used to purchase alcohol at Hodgin Hall, the Faculty Club, and the UNM Championship Golf Course.  For the latter two locations, alcohol is currently purchase by Chartwells, not UNM.
  • Proposed revisions to Sec. 5.6 UAP 3210 ("Recruitment and Hiring") authorize Executive Vice Presidents and the University President to appoint an individual to a permanent position after that individual has served in an interim capacity for six months or longer and demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in assuming the job duties.  This new provision would not apply to faculty administrative positions.    Note: The proposed revisions to this policy have been withdrawn, effective April 15, 2013.
  • Proposed revisions to UAP 3440 ("Family and Medical Leave [Act]") reflect changes in the federal FMLA regulations and incorporate language recommended by the Department of Labor when it reviewed our current policy.  In addition, the policy was revised to exclude grandchildren and siblings from the definition of "immediate family" in Section 5.2 ("FMLA Leave for Family Medical Conditions").  Grandchildren would, however, be considered "immediate family" when grandparents serve as their guardians.  This change more closely aligns UNM's definition with the definition used in the FMLA (with the difference being that UNM specifically includes domestic partners and the FMLA does not).
  • Proposed revisions to Sec. 3 of UAP 4000 ("Allowable and Unallowable Expenditures") require reimbursement requests to be submitted no more than 12 months after the date of the expenditure.  Proposed revisions to Sec. 4.8 clarify when refreshments and related items may be purchased for business meetings.  Proposed revisions to Sec. 4.13 clarify when business meal expenses may be reimbursed.  Proposed revisions to Sec. 4.15 prohibit using University funds to purchase alcohol except, with appropriate approvals, for research purposes.