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Revisions to UAP 4030 ("Travel") Approved by President Frank

February 13, 2014

President Frank approved revisions to UAP 4030 ("Travel") on February 10, 2014.  The revised policy was distributed for public comment in Fall 2013, and the Policy Office worked with representatives of Financial Services to make further revisions to the policy to address the comments, such as by including a new section on reimbursements for combined business and personal travel.  In summary, the revisions to UAP 4030:

  • Authorize e-signatures and other electronic means of approving required travel documentation, § 3.2
  • Clarify that for University sponsored study–abroad trips, University funds may be used to pay for required health and accident insurance, §7
  • Authorize premium economy air travel for international flights of more than five hours, § 9.2.1
  • Authorize business class air travel for trips over 14 hours when travelers will be engaged in business the next day or sooner; when it would result in a cost savings by avoiding subsistence costs or lost productive time; or when necessary to accommodate a documented disability or other special need, § 9.2.1
  • Explain when in-flight technology charges may be reimbursed, § 9.2.3
  • Describe how costs will be reimbursed for combined business and personal travel, including when travelers stay with family or friends and do not incur lodging costs, § 14
  • Note how exceptions to the policy will be granted, § 19