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New and Revised Policies Approved by President Frank

December 3, 2014

On November 25, 2014, President Frank approved six new and revised administrative policies following a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period, as follows:

New UAP 2215 ("Consensual Relationships and Conflicts of Interest") was drafted by a committee representing major campus constituent groups and requires the disclosure and management of real or perceived conflicts of interest caused by consensual relationships between "superiors" and "subordinates."

UAP 2710 ("Education Abroad Health and Safety") was revised to clarify education abroad processes and to include new sections on travel sponsored by UNM-Chartered Student Organizations and on individual student travel.  The revisions were drafted by a campus-wide policy review committee in response to a previous draft that went out for comment in Fall 2013 and received a large number of comments.

UAP 3425 ("Military and Related Service Leave") was revised to eliminate references outdated references and to make it consistent with current federal and state law and UNM practices regarding leave for voluntary emergency responders.  The Veterans' Resource Center and outside military ombudspersons also reviewed the revisions.

New UAP 3445 ("Domestic Abuse Leave") fulfills the requirements of the "Promoting Financial Independence for Victims of Domestic Abuse Act," which was passed by the New Mexico Legislature with an effective date of July 1, 2009. 

UAP 8210 ("Tuition and Fees") and UAP 8215 ("Bursar's Office Operations and Services") were revised by a campus-wide Tuition Policy Review Committee to update and consolidate the existing tuition policies.  In addition, a new section was added to UAP 8210 ("Tuition and Fees") on differential tuition.  In conjunction with these substantive revisions, UAP 8215 was retitled "Bursar's Office Operations and Services" and replaces former policy 8215 ("Tuition and Fee Payments") and rescinded policy 8240 ("Distribution of Tuition and Fee Revenue").