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Five Policy Revisions Approved by President Frank

January 14, 2015

On January 8, 2015, President Frank approved revisions to five University Administrative Policies. The following three policies were approved following a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period:

  • UAP 3435 ("Inclement Weather")  - Classes and laboratories that are normally scheduled to be in progress when the University has a delayed start due to inclement weather now will begin at the delayed start time (instead of being cancelled) and will end at their normally scheduled time.

  •  UAP 3410 ("Sick Leave") and UAP 3440 ("Family and Medical Leave") - Staff employees now are authorized to use sick leave for bonding with a child after childbirth, adoption, or a foster care placement.  Previously, only annual leave could be used for bonding with a child. 

In that the following policies had only minor revisions, they were approved on an expedited basis outside of the normal policy review process:

  • UAP 2300 ("Inspection of Public Records") - The University's Custodian of Public Records was changed to the Office of the President from the Office of University Counsel.

  • UAP 7610 ("Investment Management") - Revisions specify that the University's Debt and Advisory Committee is responsible for maintaining a Debt Management Policy, which resides on the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis website and will be linked to in UAP 7610.