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Two New Policies and Nine Revised Policies

May 18, 2015

President Frank approved two new policies and revisions to nine existing policies.  All eleven policies have been issued on the Policy Office website.  The policies were posted for a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period, and, as appropriate, revised based on the comments received. 

This new policy offers information on auctions, crowdfunding, and raffles, and includes chartered student organizations in its scope.  KNME-TV and KUNM-FM are exempt from certain provisions of the policy. 

This policy, which was issued in 1994, had been in a state of draft revision since at least 2003. The revisions clarify the use of space and resources for political activity, and emphasize that the University must be non-partisan.  The policy number has changed from UAP 3735 to UAP 2060 to signify that the policy applies to faculty and students, not only staff.

The updates to this policy included removing references to the Sustainability Council, which no longer meets. 

The policy was revised to make it compliant with federal regulations on assistance or comfort animals, as opposed to service animals. 

The policy was revised and two new forms were created to clarify when social security numbers have to be gathered from individuals participating in research studies and other programs that provide incentives.

This oversized policy, which also will appear in the Pathfinder, complies with federal regulations and federal guidance related to sexual violence and sexual misconduct.

The policy was revised to clarify when a formal recruitment is necessary, and when extensions and conversion to regular appointments are appropriate.

This policy pertains to staff employees and was revised to:

(1)  change the maximum term for professional service agreements from six months to twelve months (Section 5.1);

(2)  explain when an interim or acting position can be converted to a regular or contract position, and clarify that the Vice President for Human Resources must approve extensions beyond twelve months (see Section 5.6);

(3)  lengthen the trial period for promoted or transferred employees from 30 working days to three months, and clarify what happens when a probationary employee is promoted or transferred (see Section 8).

The policy revisions specify an appeals process for employees deemed ineligible for rehire (Section 4.5), and reference a new in-depth exit interview option (Section 6.1).

The policy was revised to limit the scope to nonexempt staff employees (Section 1), clarify the workweek for certain electronic timekeeping situations (Section 2), and encourage supervisors to allow flexible work schedules for community engagement activities during normal work hours up to 24 hours in a calendar year (Section 3.2).

The revisions to Section 10 reference UNM’s new rental car agreement, which includes insurance coverage; discuss rentals that are not covered by the new agreement and the amount of a renting department’s potential liability in the event of damages; and recommend that individuals driving rental cars obtain a UNM driving license or complete defensive driving training.