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Policies Posted for 30-Day, All-Campus Review

October 29, 2015

Proposed policy changes have been posted for a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period.  These include four proposed new policies and proposed revisions to nine existing policies. An additional proposed change is the rescission of UAP 3000 ("Guiding Principles").  Descriptions of these changes are provided below.  To comment on the policy drafts, you can click here, click on the links for the individual policies below, or email  We hope to hear from you.


  • UAP 2XXX (“Data Governance”)

This policy establishes a framework for ensuring that University data are accessible, accurate, secure, and easily integrated across the University’s information systems.  The policy applies to Main Campus and the branches, but excludes the Health Sciences Center, which has its own data governance structure.

  • UAP 2XXX (“Protection of Minors on Campus”) 

After the Main Campus Chief Compliance Officer identified minors on campus as UNM’s most significant risk, this policy was developed by a task force of stakeholders to mitigate the risk.  This is intended as a Phase I policy in that subcommittees of the task force are continuing to meet and discuss additional aspects of mitigating risks to minors.

  • UAP 2XXX (“Lactation Support Program”)

A committee developed this policy, which describes UNM’s lactation support program, explains legal requirements, and provides guidance to instructors and supervisors in accommodating lactation breaks. 

  • UAP 2XXX (“Recreational Drones”)

This policy was developed at the request of Campus Police, Athletics, and the University Emergency Manager, who were concerned about recreational drones threatening the safety of stadium events, nearby airports (including the University Hospital helipad), and members of the campus community.  Campus Police and the University Emergency Manager recommended that the policy ban all recreational drones from flying over the Albuquerque campus, including model airplanes.  Drones used for research are outside the scope of this policy, and governed by a separate set of Federal Aviation Administration regulations.


  • UAP 2200 (“Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Suspected Misconduct”)

The Director of Internal Audit and the HSC and Main Campus Chief Compliance Officers drafted substantial revisions to the policy.  Their work was later reviewed and revised by others, including by a few dozen staff, faculty, and administrators who attended three meetings that were scheduled to discuss the policy draft. 

  • UAP 3290 (“Professional Development and Training”) 

The changes to this policy address an Internal Audit report finding that all employees should be required to take the University’s mandatory training.  

  • UAP 3630 (“Workers’ Compensation”)

This policy was revised to include language required by the State Risk Management Department on vacant positions.  Additionally, the Employee Occupational Health Program and Safety and Risk Services suggested other changes to conform to, and clarify, current practices.

  • UAP 7200 (“Cash Management”) and UAP 7215 (“Credit Card Processing”)

The two policies were revised to update language on the Payment Card Industry standards, and also to conform to current practices.


  • UAP 1150 (“Staff Council”)

The policy was revised to reflect a new stipend for the Staff Council President.

  • UAP 6150 (“Casualty and Liability Insurance and Claims”) and UAP 7710 (“Property Management and Control”) 

Purchasing requested revisions to these two policies that require departments to provide the serial number and UNM tag number of stolen items when making reports to Campus Police, in the hope that this information will assist with the recovery of stolen items.

  • UAP 7730 (“Taking University Property Off Campus”)

Purchasing requested two additions.  One requires an annual re-certification of the location of UNM property taken off-campus.  The other clarifies that in accordance with the Faculty Handbook’s policy on emeriti faculty, emeriti may check out computers for use off campus.


  • UAP 3000 (“Guiding Principles”)

This Human Resources policy dates from 1997, was never revised, refers to a pre-2000 strategic plan, and has the same title as a new policy approved by the Regents.  Human Resources asked to have the policy rescinded because it is dated and no longer necessary.