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President Frank Approved Eight Policies

January 6, 2016

On December 17, 2015, President Frank approved eight policies for the University Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (UAP).  These included one new policy, UAP 2750 ("Lactation Support Program"), and revisions to seven existing policies:

  1. UAP 1150 ("Staff Council")
  2. UAP 3630 ("Workers' Compensation")
  3. UAP 6150 ("Casualty and Liability Insurance and Claims")
  4. UAP 7200 ("Cash Management")
  5. UAP 7215 ("Credit Card Processing")
  6. UAP 7710 ("Property Management and Control")
  7. UAP 7730 ("Taking University Property Off Campus")

Drafts of these policies were posted for a 30-day review and comment period on the Policy Office website last semester.  The Policy Office reviewed the comments received on the drafts and, as appropriate, revised the policies to address the comments.  For descriptions of the policy revisions, please click here.  

Six Drafts Not Submitted for Approval at This Time

When these eight drafts were posted for review and comment, five additional draft policies also were posted along with the proposed rescission of one policy.  Due to comments received and other factors, it was decided that these six policies were not ready to be submitted to President Frank for approval at this time.  These six policies are:

  1. UAP 2205 ("Minors on Campus") NEW
  2. UAP 2265 ("Recreational Drones") NEW
  3. UAP 2580 ("Data Governance") NEW
  4. UAP 2200 ("Whistleblower Protection and Reporting Suspected Misconduct")
  5. UAP 3290 ("Professional Development and Training")
  6. UAP 3000 ("Guiding Principles") PROPOSED RESCISSION