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President Frank Approved 14 Policies

May 2, 2016

On May 2, 2016, President Frank approved 14 administrative policies.  As explained below, only five of these policies are being issued at this time; live links are provided for the five issued policies.  All 14 policies were distributed to campus constituent groups for review and comment; revised as appropriate; posted for a 30-day, all-campus review and comment period; and then revised again as appropriate. During the 30-day review, comments were received on only four of the policies, which were revised in response to the comments (as described in italics below).


To address a comment, a change was made to indicate that supervisors should address non-compliance with the policy through coaching, as well as during an annual review. In response to comments about the enforcement of the policy, the policy was revised to state that smoking outside of the designated outdoor smoking areas is a violation of a state statute, the Dee Johnson Clean Indoor Air Act.  Individuals who repeatedly violate the Act and policy will be subject to citations by UNM Police.  The revised policy links to an updated map of the designated outdoor smoking areas on Main Campus and at the Health Sciences Center, including University Hospital.

In response to comments, the policy was revised to incorporate additional references to American Campus Communities, reflect the full name of the residential life department, correct a link, link to detailed definitions and examples of Clery crimes, and retitle and reword a section on separate campuses.

In response to a comment, the process for notification of Human Resources in the event of an employee's death (see Section 3) was clarified.

  • UAP 4030 ("Travel")

A commenter noted that the proposed day trip meal allowance cap might lead to travelers incurring unnecessary hotel charges in order to fill their stomachs.  As a result of this comment, the day trip meal allowance was changed from 50% of the applicable meal per diem to 75%.


The five policies that are being issued at this time are:


Nine of the 14 policies were revised to reference UNM's new software for travel reimbursements, Chrome River, and will be issued later with an effective date of July 1, 2016 to coincide with the implementation of that software.  The nine policies are:

  • UAP 2110 (“Long Distance Telephone Calls”)
  • UAP 2170 (“Honorarium Payments”)
  • UAP 2480 (“Incentives for Program Participants”)
  • UAP 4020 (“Moving Expenses”)
  • UAP 4030 (“Travel”)
  • UAP 4040 (“Employee Recruitment Expense Reimbursement”)
  • UAP 4320 (“Purchasing Goods Off Campus”)
  • UAP 4370 (“Receiving and Paying for Off Campus Purchases”)
  • UAP 7210 (“Petty Cash Fund”)

For detailed descriptions of the revisions to the 14 policies, please click here.