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Minor Changes to Five Policies Approved

June 29, 2016

On June 27, 2016, President Frank approved minor changes to five University Administrative Policy (UAP) policies, as discussed below.  In that these changes were minor, the policies were revised outside of the formal policy review process.

UAP 2010 (“Contracts Signature Authority and Review”)

In response to concerns raised by the Global Education Office, a sentence in Section 2 was deleted.  The sentence limited the form of inter-departmental agreements to “a memorandum signed by one or more cognizant vice presidents or executive vice presidents, as appropriate.”  Inter-departmental agreements are non-binding agreements outside the scope of this policy on contracts because, as a legal principle, UNM cannot contract with itself.  With the deletion of the sentence, units can now determine for themselves how best to memorialize and execute inter-departmental agreements, whether by an email, journal voucher, formal agreement, or other appropriate means.

UAP 2620 (“Distribution of Pay”)

At the request of the Payroll Department, Section 2.1 was revised to reflect a new system for direct deposits.

UAP 3200 (“Employee Classification”)

At the request of Human Resources, Section 6 was revised to:

  • specify that temporary employees are hired for a period of up to 12 consecutive months
  • specify that short-term extensions may be granted with proper approvals
  • change a reference to another policy

UAP 3300 (“Paid Time”)

At the request of Staff Council, Section 7.11 was revised to authorize employees to take up to one hour of paid time for the preparation of a response to their annual written performance review.

UAP 3405 (“Holidays”)

At the request of Human Resources, Section 3 was revised to clarify which employees are ineligible for holiday pay.