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Acting President Approves Revisions to Seven Policies

May 10, 2017

On May 10, 2017, Acting President Abdallah approved revisions to seven policies in the University Administrative Policies (UAP) manual.  From April 3 to May 3, 2017, the proposed revisions were posted on the Policy Office website for an all-campus review and comment period.  During that period, we received several comments on the policy drafts and the policies were revised in response, as appropriate.  Below are links to the revised policies and brief descriptions of the revisions.

The policy was revised in tandem with proposed revisions to the corresponding Regents’ Policy 2.11. The revisions refine terms, procedures, and criteria; change the status (from voting to advisory) of the UNM Foundation members on the Committee on Naming; and clarify the role of the Board of Regents. No comments were received.

The policy was simplified and revised to describe current practices of the UNM Policy Office. No comments were received.

The policy has been significantly rewritten to reflect current practices and clarify terms, roles, responsibilities, and resources. One comment was received and the policy was revised in response.

The policy has been significantly rewritten to eliminate outdated information; clarify resources and prohibitions; define terms; and authorize, with certain limitations, the carrying of stun guns and pepper spray on campus. A couple of comments were received from the same individual and the policy was revised in response.

The policy revisions describe the new content-neutral criteria for determining security costs for special events on campus, specify the role of the Special Events Committee, and create an avenue of appeal when an event is canceled. No comments were received.

The policy has been updated to reflect current practices; incorporate small motorized vehicles and explain where and how it is appropriate to use them; specify that Hoverboards are banned; and note that users of motorcycles, mopeds, and motorized scooters may register for parking through UNM Parking and Transportation Services. A couple commenters reported certain obstacles in registering their scooters with Parking and Transportation Services (PATS). We followed up with PATS, which said it would change its internal procedures to prevent these obstacles. These comments did not necessitate a change to the policy.

The policy, which was last revised in 1991, was updated to reflect current practices, resources, and legal citations. No comments were received.