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Interim President Abdallah Approves Minor Revisions to Six Policies and One Policy Rescission

October 3, 2017

On September 30, 2017, Interim President Abdallah approved minor revisions to six policies and one policy rescission in the University Administrative Policy (UAP) Manual. In that the revisions were minor, they were processed outside of the formal policy review process in accordance with Section 5.1 of UAP 1100 ("Development and Approval of University Policies"). The policies and the minor revisions to them are listed below.

UAP 2290 (“Animal Control on University Property”)

  • The policy states that UNM Police may issue citations for violations of the policy, but UNM Police no longer issue such citations. At the request of UNM Police, the policy was revised to reflect its current practice.

UAP 2610 (“Time and Leave Reporting”)

  • At the request of a department with off-site employees, and with the concurrence of the University Controller and HSC Executive Officer for Finance and Administration, the policy was revised to authorize off-site employees to submit electronic signatures on internal time sheets.

UAP 3700 (“Education Benefits”)

  • At the request of Human Resources, the policy was revised to extend the sunset date of a provisional change (pending further analysis of costs and regulatory requirements) authorizing tuition remission benefits for temporary staff employees and adjunct faculty. The extension is for one additional year--until June 30, 2018.

UAP 3720 (“Employee Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest”—proposed new title) and Rescission of UAP 3715 (“Code of Conduct”)

  • The title of UAP 3720 and the “General” section were revised to conform to a related Regents’ policy. UAP 3715, an odd truncated-looking policy dating from 1994, is slated for rescission because its contents are better addressed in UAP 3720 and it is unnecessary. The Office of University Counsel concurred with these changes.

UAP 5020 (“Historic Preservation”)

  • At the request of the Historic Preservation Committee, the policy was revised to increase the committee’s membership and cite to new guidelines.

UAP 7000 (“Budgets and Reserves”)

  • At the request of the Office of Budget, Planning, and Analysis, the sections on committed and dedicated reserves were revised.